Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday blue

Everytime heard my fren said monday blue...but i never try tht..but until today..finally i realize..monday is really blue 1..

today really pek cek about the presentation...apa ini...
thn tmr wanna waste our time to do the choco thing..waste money somemore...already no time to do fps...thn wanna waste the time to do the bazaar..yorr....want us die meh...
wednesday also the same...waste time to sell the choco..deng gao gao....

i think this week is a pek cek week for me....monday onwards


Sunday, November 1, 2009

MV Direction

thats all..ngek ngek


Thursday, October 29, 2009

latest work

my latest work..

3d modelling..i started love 3d modelling..haha...very enjoy when doing this..maybe is because all i used were simple shape n simple polygon gua..haha...

this 1 is do for fun..ngek ngek

below the 3 buildings with 3 different colors are my latest project is about tv3..

can recognize the 3 colors?is actually tv3 logo's main color..


this character is for my digital i try to make it in 3d n apply it in..
and this 1 is do for fun also..haha
finally can upload my project online..yeah..
here are my video clip that i had done..
here we go...

Digital Portfolio - my showreel

Motion Graphic
Project 1 - Typographic

-i know this 1 all of my classmate are very sien when listening this..typography is wat language looks like..haha..

Project 2 - Speak Out(quit smoking)


Short clip - Art Is An Imagination - The Mime

-group with cherly and felicia
-act by wong lou kam n joan sim..

Character World

- This 1 is do it for my portfolio best work...haha

3d modelling - building

-just a short short damn short de reel..
-this 1 also do for my portfolio best work..


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My portfolio

My showreel..
enjoy it..



Yahoo...finally can online at home..watchayo....yeah more Pshit..wat?'cut already'..cut wat la..use streamyx la..=.='"
haha...damn happy now...can online gao more time do assignments dy..yeah~~~~~~~~


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Corner

The Corner

by Patrick , Jacob , Zermi , Cherly , Jamie , Ee Wen

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Help - Vote

Hello my friend..

vote for my short video clip..hehe..

My title is "Art is an imagination"
i'm using mime for this video clip...

click here to the link..

thanks ya..

Thursday, July 16, 2009


当你被人话你有乜无好的时候,你会有乜感觉? Mmm。。开心?无开心?接受?无接受?

无知咧~~我想应该亥我心里作用,觉得身边的朋友都少左同我讲话,问一答一,问二答二!甚至send 个msg 都无回复。。就好此头现,讲到D钱geh问题。“她”都要问人地确定吓!被到我的感觉亥失望同伤心!我亥到想,麽我真亥要将衰咩?可能咯!可能亥我心里作用?希望咯!!



又如果又如果你觉得我吾够“gentlement” geh话!我会改咯!讲道钱的话。。我亥好随便geh!比如你话我唉一个。。erm。。




点都好。。Be Happy!!yeah!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Opps...i though i got H1N1..ahh..but luckily just normal sick.
just flu,cough,headache, and throat pain...

somemore my left eye muscle keep jumping...since sunday till now oh..ohno..jump 4days dy..very scared got what thing happen tim~~

Friday, June 26, 2009


ooppss..finally i cut my hair..became short gao gao...ngek ngek...havent take photo yet..will show u guys next time..

Monday, June 22, 2009


i wan to stop it~~~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My motion typographic

here is my motion typographic..

typography is what language looks li ba la..and makes the type taste good..

this thing make me kisiao..but i like it..ngek ngek...

Monday, June 15, 2009


last nite play facebook gao gao...leave some comment to play play...suddenly have a DOG come to kacau kacau...deng...suddenly scold this scold that...said i duno how to communicate...what the..said me taukei zai..wasai...and his words..10 words got 8-9 are rude 1..deng~~said me tau kei wah..he more tau kei old already still talk many rude words..what the...when u see what the DOG type u also will beh song when see it..but i wan to
he already over my baseline..u scold my mother and keep F me n D me...but i also need to忍。。。忍。。。忍。。。忍。。。忍。。。

but he also kind la..he asked me becareful when i come out from my college...he also knw how to care me...i really felt so touched...

btw...Mr. Dog i wish u will see my blog..and i sure confirm u will more angry me..ngek ngek...when u angry..i happy....u more angry..i more happy..cause i already stop the conversation with u..somemore i don have say any bad u bark like a dog..say this say that...give who also beh song la...deng u....scold my mother somemore...wah...what kind of education u learn oh?u don tell ppl u are my classmate's brother oh..oopppsss..i dunno where should i put my face oh..

again.. Mr. Dog..if u see tis again..if u wan come to find me yum cha or need me to BECAREFUL when i out from my college..thn u just come la...cause in the end i think u are not mature enough and still need a lot of time to have a good education..

My fren..don ask me who is the dog la..cause i think the dog no face to let ppl know "IT"

Friday, June 12, 2009

what is art?

can anyone tell me what is art?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My CareLine

Wah..i think my Pshit Ymax was created by TOA IT department..coz now i only realize, always mid night2-3am just can online..deng~~~although toa students are always sleep late la..but also don too care us la..yorr~~~now is the time to do research..coz when the sun wake up i cant online dy...i really give it BOMB DAO~~

here is the proof of how my line care me..
i think the line wan me to be steady and don too rush when doing my stuff..
u see~~~

take attention at the restaurant city's worker's position and their pose...all are in the same place..never move 1...after the restaurant thn spot the clock..already hold it more to 20 minutes cause i print screen and photoshop edit abit n write my blog ++-- and until now also stand in the same post..

3.52am . . .

4.04am . . .

now the time is 4.20am . . . (they also standing at the same place)

btw....the quality for these 2 photo are low quality coz i scared i cant upload it..thank god i can upload it...

already 4.24am . . .(also remain the same)

i really damn dulan dy...deng~~~i called the customer service many times dy..n they said like this like that..can solve 1...just put my modem here there up down bili bala bili bala..n said wait the technical guy come to fix it..i remember my line cant on since 14th of may..n they report my case at 17th may..until now also didnt come to fix it..wah~~~like tht i die lo...i no need on MSN n FACEBOOK i also wan to do RESEARCH 1 ah~~~no need survive meh~~~yorr~~~

4.30am now . . .(my RC worker still standing in the same pity them)

Additional part..
just opened my mail box and received the Pshit bill statement...wah..make me more dulan...the line like shit now still wan take money from me..siao~~

that time i called to the company n they said help us report our case and they will automatic help us deduct the money of 14days..but now is original price..rm99.."deng it lung" ah~~
need to called them n complain again..slap slap slap....

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pshit Ymax

what the..cannot online again..wah..the Pshit Ymax really...really...aih..i nth to say..i think is time to change...

tht day make me happy awhile..tot can online dy..but now totally cant online..wah....always go cc..already pok kai make me more pok kai...deng~~

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wiii~~~~~"Everybody Duda Dey"

Wii~~can online finally...haha....but the line still remain the worst thn last time..even google also need to wait long time to load it..wat the~~~i think is time to change~~aih~~see how

btw...we had join the wii competition in team name very funny...our team name is

"everybody sing a song duda duda, everybody sing a song oh du da dey"
ngek ngek ngek~~

"Everybody Sing A Song"
= Jason,Nick,Kae Wen,Franz

= Travin,Cherly,Jacob and Zermi

"Oh~Da Da Dey~"
= Patrick,Jamie,Felicia,Shen Yu

oh shit~~now my line more Disconnected..need to connect back just can post it..deng~~~

Additional Part
Actually i m first time played wii...hehe..felt very syok when playing the boxing game(can hit n punch people without punishment)..hahaha..and luckily we all won in the 1st round..err~~'we all' is mean "everybody sing a song duda duda,everybody sing a song oh du da dey"..ngek ngek..i think is not luckily la..i believe is our professional skill..hahha...but when go in the 2nd round..deng~~lost dy wah....lost to "everybody sing a song.....apa ini..(aiyo..wei peow..if got next time..draw us don so fast meet ma) difficult for us to fight each team finally the winner is not 3 of us..and the winner for the wii competition is . . . . . i also duno actually..the result will post it at TOA website i think..haha...check out our school's website la..haha...btw..felt wan to buy a Wii to play..haha..

*piupiu..i want the box*..ngek ngek~~ RICE

Monday, May 25, 2009


Deng~~until now also cant online..what a Pshit Ymax...==

need to wait 14days..deng~~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Wow.. so is the most dulan day n beh song day in this year i think..

a happy moment become a ONE MAN SHOW??our happy moment control by "?"

erm~~~i just wan to shout out my beh song only..haha..k already now....ngek ngek..


Friday, May 15, 2009

Sabah trip video

Yeah...finally i have done the sabah trip video..our trip is so wonderful..haha.."song eh"~~
the video make me few days cannot change la..coz i already promised that need to done at 15th may...finally..done..ngek ngek....

so these are the video i edited and

sabah trip 2009 part 1

sabah trip 2009 part 2

sabah trip 2009 part 3

sabah trip 2009 part 4

sabah trip 2009 part 5

enjoy the video...haha

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finally . .

Finally ITEL was end...yeah...tired tired and tired...actually i got learn a lot of things in ITEL and do the thing i never do
  • 1st time be usher to serve people(is not easy)...The head counter somemore..@@
  • 1st time joined 3 services
  • train my leadership
  • how to counsel people
  • need to memorize(long time didnt memorize something)
  • exam without open book..T_T
  • and many more
so tired..coz long time didnt wake up early also..7something need to wake up already..(O.0)
beside that still got 2 exam oh..(@.@)..wah~~study in TOA ++-- also got 2 years dy..also never feel nervous when i taking exam..but this ITEL test make me stress gao gao..coz cannot open book..haha..somemore we can write some small note and bring in to the examination..but church cannot..coz got a big cross there..hahahahaha..pastor said
"GOD will forgive us"...yeah~~~
"BUT will deduct our mark"..==
but finally ther exam so easy only jek..fill in the is the last day and the last lesson i learn is "O"..

O matter what they say u also "O"

and the last...we are the 72....yeah~~~~


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sabah Trip

Yeah!! thank GOD for everythings and thankgs for blessed us have asafety journey and have a lot of fun and Finally came back from sabah..haha..

But i became darker and fatter dy..ohno...sei la sei la..
Btw...we got went alot of places..but we also got alot of places didnt
This Sabah trip had alot of funny things and happy memories...the main purpose we have this sabah trip is haveing fun together and also becoz of our term break are too long(maybe)..hehe
And the 2nd purpose is photo shooting..wahahaha...almost all of us also bring our dslr to shoot shooooot and shooooooooot... am i.....

in the apartment
with 3 flowers
dim sum time
in the boat
sexy pose~~

i didnt take any photo is because i m the videographer..just video shooting only..hehe...
erm...the video is not with me patrick i cant edit the video 1st..just can show u guys a short short trailer...haha....

Sabah Trip Poster
Sabah Trip Trailer

short short 31 sec....used 1 hour to gao dim it...count ok la...hehe

btw...special thanks to lincoln , sleve , and jeremy mum...they treat us so good and brought us go here go there..thanks..
ya..since we have alot of ppl join this sabah u guys can visit their blog to get more information...(click the name to visit their blog)

jeng chyuan

ps : if blogspot don have than visit their facebook la...sure got 1...haha...


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sleepless night again~~Too Excited!!

Too excited..cant sleep last just now 6am i slept than 10am++..i woke up...Ohno..maybe i long time didn't feel so happy n my mode is 100% enjoy i do last nite leh?i try to find some songs and imagine how i want to edit the video...haha..althought the trip havent start yet..but i can imagine wat i want to shoot dy...ngek many songs i m too happy is thursday 16th april 2009....i will never forget make me cant sleep...haha...cause today is everyones excited day i think....hahaha...sabah trip begin today..hope we have a fun and safe hourney to sabah la..

come on let us pray,

FATHER, we come before you,hope all of us will enjoy the sabah trip la...and pray that we have a peaceful and safety journey to jesus name we pray...
together we say


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone...


Friday, April 10, 2009

for fun

Too Free during this holiday~~so edited and designed something for fun..
ngek ngek..

wallpaper for fun
video for fun

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yeah..finally i can online..long time didnt online..


but the line so slow....slow like turtle...cannot upload hard if i cannot upload photoss cause i lazy to better use photo to tell...haha....

btw..have a nice day....keke :P


Monday, March 9, 2009

Blending Effect

Play around~~
too free try to play some effect in illustrator...will play more effect again soon


Thursday, March 5, 2009


model shooting

Special Thanks to:

Different Angle

Spacial thanks to :
-Yapp Zai(his camera)


My final project for photography = instruments
sorry for the late post ~
here are my photograph

this project's 2nd media is a video clip

Special thanks to :

-Faith Christian Centre(FCC)(everything)
-Yapp Zai(song composing & many things)
-Rick Sim(bass)
-Alvin Chang(saxaphone)
-Timothy Lim(guitar)
-Tyng Shin & Jin Heng(keyboard)


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HAPPY HOLIDAY~~~~~~~~~~~`

yeah...finally holiday mood damn good now..

photography - done
web design - done
video - done

yeah~~~ to visit my website..tht i redesign for aeiou studio(final project)..



Monday, March 2, 2009

web design 2 user testing

these are my web web design 2 client is aeiou studio...start from now will show this to you guys...and please leave some comment..see got some where need to improve and change or not..thanks..