Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cant Online~~sien

sien oh..cant online this few days n blogging at college we major in got cam to use...hahahha...u knw la...for me..cant online is life like hell...sien dao~~~ 2 presentation..1 is design method n 1 is digital media..

design method ngam ngam present dy...haha...present infront of denior o..waliu..

digital media will present waiting for lecturer come here..


Monday, July 28, 2008


justnow after class went to pyramid hang kai...thn i wan to click money so i go to atm lo..thn when the money come out ah..thn jeng chyuan n me fast fast take the money..
finally the money . . .


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tired weekend

this few days damn busy...and damn now also tired..

after class thn went back to home take camera n back to pyramid for shooting..after tht yum cha thn back home...

gathering with fanny n happy..long time din see so many things..but i din talk just listen..coz they keep 8 their things to also funny n forget wat they talk oh...after tht thn back home n waiting for ah chung chung come to fetch us n have dinner with alvin family..wah..gao gao we ate back home online thn sleep..

want wake up in the early morning for english service..wah..damn tired today...really no energy to hit the more play wrong bit n many things..ohno...sien oh..last day play english service lagi..not nice dy lo..haiz...after tht need attend chinese service lagi..coz ah fung also come to service no change lo..just stay back lo...after tht go eat at pyramid thr de korean special..ate with kai rin jean tan n ah fung..4 of accompany ah fung to buy guitar... we go down to pudu thr to buy..but the shop no open..apa ini..sien dao..thn no change lo..just come back sunway lo..thn i back my mum home to take my guitar thn direct go to church for deep n strong worship practice...damn tired..after tht yum cha..thn back home blog now...yeah..i can die dy...

and 1 more..victor told me he blog the WAVE again..apa ini..really xiao..

wave 1
wave 2


Saturday, July 26, 2008

shooting (26/07/2008)

last nite went got event outside pyramid..
then went there shooting


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flash BACK

i flash is came back

YeaH!done my flash gao gao..haha...last time tht 1 so rough..actually this 1 also..i used 10hours to do hours like tht..coz justnow i got yum cha with them..took me an hour like tht..haha...i 1st time so till non stop..from around 9pm do till now..wahahaha...happy happy...although this 1 also rough but better thn last time tht 1 la..haha..
is time to sleep now..yeah...

actually i m redo again..i start from 0%...haha...coz last time tht 1..reallly like better do again la..if want change from tht a..= do 2 work do again la... is my flash...wahahaha...

enjoy it..

Actually the black colour tht guy is walking 1..but duno wat happen when i make it as movie mode oh..thn din din walk already..just flat..

and my arm n backbone pain now..need massage ....gao meng ah..sit many many hours here...



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Christian The Lion

try to feel the touch story inside this video..

really it so much...


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MR2+ competition

Finally the logo done by media team..yeah..praise the nice..

like to sing?
like to compose?

nah...this the chance for u guys...haha...

for more information
Go in this link n see la..haha..

or visit here..




finally done my cgpp project3....hmm..damn tired now...but still want to blog..wahaha...

this morning attend TATSUN look so he talked about how to retire at also hope i can...wakakaka...

apa ini..actually i also din go the talk 1..but i duno today got the talk..if i knw ah..i sure not go 1..haha..coz lazy n boring..but oh..duno y this time so interesting oh..din feel boring n so fun to listen the

ahya..come back..y i will suddenly go the talk today visual fundamental don have class today..but i i go in to class thn they said no my mind i think..wah..i better sleep gao gao thn wake up do the cgpp oh...apa ini..but i nvm la..already come to col lo..thn stay back la..if want back home lagi will die gao gao oh...haha...

after the talk thn wait for the moral mid term...wah..sien dao..all the moral wat moral tht moral this...sien o..but lucky i can done it all la..haha..yeah..bcoz all also objective..wakakakaka..use snipper to shoot also can 60 question..almost 55 question are use my snipper to shoot 1...haha...

yeah...moral class was end..yeah..

By the tatsun talk alot of things about our life..

wah...geng..he must want

the most important is YOUNG

young but no money = no use also..coz is use parents money
got money but old = no use also,coz too old dy
young and got money = successful lo...

somethings like tht la..i just roughly talk here la..haha...

n 1 more is so ngam me 1...haha...

focus to ur study..don "date"
can date with gf/bf but ..but wat i also forgot dy

nah u talking abt me la...focus on study...wakakaka


Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today..went to pyramid shooting n do assignment..yeah~!!

1pm : Meet at pyramid thn Kimgary eat gao gao with Sin Yee,Patrick and Me

~Pyramid Wedding Event~
Model Shooting
after tht went to starbucks do assignment..hehe..thx for sin yee help me draw the two stupid face..wakaka
shoot for fun

after starbucks thn walk around n shooting thn went in maybank to blow aircon and ss there...haha
after tht back pyramid again..shooting again..Jc n my shoe
thn after shooting went to old town kopitiam for dinner...yeah..


Emo - Beh Song ah

Shit damn hamkaleng….damn Emo now..macibai….really damn hate this house now..wat also damn cheap like shit..diu..really wanna kill ppl now..somemore assignment gao gao lagi…chiu..the line damn shit hamkaleng slow…not slow…is duno wat happen..cant online..ngia ngai diao..fucking shit beh song abt this….not 1st time dy..waliu..sien is this house damn hot n damn far from my sch..but this nvm la…coz I early early already beh song..really wanna move dy..after this term wanna move out dy..diu..damn beh song now..

Early early they told me this house not far la..just 2nd bridge only…so near 1 la..n the room bigger thn last quiet good 1..better thn b4 1..chiu…talk shit la…when I move here..damn far, not 1nd bridge..but 3rd de..damn far la..some more can tambang bus tim oh..ngiao….n the room small thn b4..really like hell oh..n the rental is expensive thn b4 tim..cibai…really beh song tht nvm la..still can tahan la..diu…some the line also want play me….ngiao..cant online….sien leh…really fucking emo now..wanna kill ppl…

Actually justnow my mood so good 1…edit a lot of photo…n wanna post it in blog..thn when I wanna upload it ah…apa ini..the line suddenly down..hiu…damn sien….


Actually I’m typing in Microsoft now..later can online dy..thn I just direct post it..coz I really cant tahan dy..wanna express it out..diu..nobody at house now..wanna talk also cant just write it la…and drawing the stupid figure now..the figure damn sien la..MM also want draw figure..kisiao..really want slap tatsun gao gao….

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Xiao Victor

Apa ini..Victor Da Lee really XIAO liao..but i can see his effort to promote all of us...haha...he post the WAVE tht 1 ah..really can give u die..i mean lame till die..wahahahahaha...XIAO liao XIAO liao.....

1st time outdoor shooting

Yeah..1st time outdoor shooting with syok..haha...

Purple Cloud

thn "risk Memeber" (Ah chung,Lee jie,Annie,Sook Ching,Alvin,Rcky, and Zermi) celebrate Birthday with my lovely chicken buffet again..after tht go McD Yum cha....

You see sook ching so happy...haha...i duno y she so happy so sweet

Risk Member..i m the photographer..haha.....

from left>Alvin>Ah Chung>Annie>Lee Jie>Sook Ching>RICKY


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shooting + Photoshop

Shoot by my new cam....haha...n edit gao gao....yeah!!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Day is my happy day...haha...this morning play english enjoy..although ending got abit of problem..wahahaha...but still freedom when played english chinese service jiu hard abit la..duno y play wrong many bit..but english song so enjoy..ohno..haha...maybe too tired liao gua..haha.....duno....

2nd things is i bought my new SLR camera dy.....wahahaahaha...happy happy.....although it is just D60..but still can tahan la..aih...actually i want D80 1...but expensive 1 cheaper 1 la...haha...



Saturday, July 12, 2008

Restaurant Talipon "GOOD" ==

Justnow went to steamboat with ah fung n 电话饭店...thr steamboat so so lo..haha..

we 6.30pm++ reached thr n start eat lo..ate gao till half oh..the auntie boss ask us..

Auntie : still wan fire?

Me : want

thn the auntie take off the gas tong thn gv other customer..waliu..actually we tot is no gas she come to help us to change the gas tong...manatau is not enough gas tong so take us 1 to give other..ngiao..really ah...thn we ask her come n said we want eat again..apa ini...really kisiao gao gao many table oh..but not enough gas tong..wat servie is tht oh...thn nvm la...the auntie take another 1 to us lo..also take from other table 1..ngiao...thn..we got the gas tong already lo..thn oh..we go to take some food oh...when we come back oh..the gas tong gone already..waliu...really a malay guy laugh mouth sai sai like tht oh.....looking at us ..thn i think sure is him take our gas tong 1....apa ini...thn the laugh mouth sai sai tht malay guy tell us.."oh,i tot u guys say don 1 already"..wah..really gao siao dao.. 1 more is the most funny 1....when the i ask the auntie come to complain her oh...

Me : we want to cook again leh..we havent finish leh...


Me : steamboat LAH!!

apa ini..really gao siao dao...

after tht want take ice cream..uhhu..finish dy..really no next time oh...apa ini....

we eat till 9pm++ like tht..i think the auntie also not syok us already oh..haha...

thn still early we go to bukit jalil de fun fair there to look around beautiful..i like the light many it..haha...
after tht..back home lo.....

n tmr need early play drum 2 service lagi tim..die lo..i not scared wat oh..i scared i eat steamboat gao gao ah....later got urgent thn die lo....u knw la....if playing drum thn suddenly urgent call also duno how to say come home "meeting" gao gao la..haha...pray hard hard for tmr la..pray for my stomach..haha

ah...n my lovely roommate came back need boring


My Work

My Work>



Word Expression


Sunday is coming...

Owh..kisiao...this sunday need to play 9 different songs...ohno...i can die dy..arrh..
the most difficult 1 is the english 1 ahh...ohno....i want die dy...arrhh....gao meng ahhh....pray hard hard la...pray tht i wont play the wrong song la..haha....if chinese service i play english song thn wait die la....haha...


Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy week

So far ... this week is the busy week inn this term..need to rush typo flash n busy this week..some of my classmate not enough sleep tim..haha..after this week will free abit la..haha...start free now..but after 2 weeks duno will become how la..haha...maybe will more bz..sien o...


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Typography Work

Picture + Words

Waiting For YOU

Web design


Words Expression







Postcards Refine

Someone said the 3rd 1 is love but y will appear some blood inside....yiii..yalo hor...but actually not some graphic...but see see down..look like blood...wakakaka

So i changed it n applied some love shape inside..becoz is love ma..haha

Someone said 4th 1 background too clourful and the words also..cant i changed to balck n white..someone said the pic too boring..put some effect(texture or watever)..

So finally i applied it n add emboss effect...yeah!!

3rd Postcard

4th Postcard




YAHOO ! ! ! ! done..i done my flash T_T...wahahahahaha....although i just used frame by frame only...but i already felt happy...coz flash for me is like hell..although this flash is look like shit..but i like it..wahaha.....If u guys don understand wat the msg ok,...coz i also felt blur blur abit..haha..

enjoy it....


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

PostCard Design

Yeah..i done my Postcard design...this is for OLALA 1..wakakaka...last nite too sien..lazy to do flash n no mood do tht also..thn i better do somethings i like la..thn i photoshop some photo gao gao..after tht i think again..better do the postcard la...haha..yeah..thn i do postcard...OLALA

these are my 4 postcards give some tht i can make it better..


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For Fun ! !

太sien了..就看照片...然后看到几张then就design 一下...哇哈哈哈哈哈!!

I love DEsign ! !


Fried Rice

My Oh My...i really wanna die dy...become fried rice dy....ohno...really lazy to do the stupid mood to do arrhh...i want die dy ah..damn stress now...i love flash..but i hate flash...ohno.i also duno wat m i talking..i really want die dy...just now back home want to do flash..but when i open the adobe flash..thn i close it within 10 sec thn go to sleep..coz u knw la..S ppl ah..face problem sure go to sleep 1...aih..sien dao..i really wanna Shut Down dy...if got a set of drum infront me ah..i sure will hit it gao gao...if pat pat infront me i sure slap him gao gao..ahehehehe..nola..jk la...wakakaka....

u see..i want become like this dy...ohno..

flash ah flash....


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Congratulation to 鸭子煎老蛋!!!

Congratulation to Jean Lau Tan n Ya Chee...they open a new shop in sungei wang..6th floor....yesterday free gift lagi...haha...

shop name 鸭子煎老蛋 (Yastzi Jean Lou Tan) = (Ya Chee Jean Lau Tan)
lol..wat a special n funny n creative name..wahaha....

Last nite went with ah fung...go there kacau thn dinner at sg. wang there..siaw ting them also got go..sien o..i said want buy a dress to siaw ting oh..she said don 1 o..but the style is perfertly not ngam siaw ting 1 la...i purposely want buy to her 1..wakakak....after tht help them collect thn close shop..

thn go yum cha..waliu..the most sien 1 is..go ming tin yum cha...==|||


-The aunty behind me is Jean Lau Tan- -wakakaka

And the small small girl there is Ya chee...

Both of the girl are boss...n 1 more jasmine..but not