Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tired bcoz of Yin Yong!!!

Yeah..yesterday watch papa abit funny also..i like it...after tht go to meet lee jie them thn go ikea looking for somethings...our car park at the curve car park...nvm near ikea mah..thn we reached the curve n walk to ikea lo.but still cant find our things..aih.nvm la..thn go to eat the meat unlucky...saw ya chee la...jk..after tht plan to go home 1 lo..apa ini..tht time is arround we the door go to the curve closed already..apa we walk a big round to go car park..wah...somne more we go the wrong way lagi...yorr..sien tired lagi..aih...finally we found the car park...but duno the car at where..oh gui lo...we just can remember we park at area "R" thn..we find lo..find till die also cant find our tahu our car at B2...apa ini..zadao..ah..n 1 more..we kena locked inside the emergency stair there,,ohno...we tot we can go down by the stair mana tahu kena locked..aih..sien dao...thn we try to S.o.S lakseh ppl saw us locked inside thr..yorr...thn finally we go in our car n open the air cone gao gao...wah...syok oh...tht time already arround 11pm lo..waliu...sien we decide to go yum cha..thn we go wong kok lo..coz tht time i damn tired i order yin yong lo..wah...apa ini...when i go home oh..i cant sleep oh..ohno....thn i keep talking with my roommate coz last time he cant sleep also want me accompany him to talk gao gao..but no topic is my turn dy..waliu...we talk till half oh...he sleep dy oh..ngiao....tht time is already 3-4am like tht..but i still cant sleep bcoz of the yin yong..ohno...i keep lying on the bed..turn turn spin spin..wah..finally i sleep at 6am..damn tired....thn morning need go to church lagi..need wake up early..ah....sien sien is mean today i damn tired lo...i don 1 drink yin yong nx time at church feell nth but after service..wah..damn tired...peter ask me help him to carry things becoz he want to move house ...thn i said ok tht..i go to jia sheng hse n sleep just left jia sheng go to help him funny...when i wake up already dinner we eat dinner together lo..with risk till now just back home n blog all..ciaozzZ


Saturday, April 26, 2008

开工大吉,Wad 得就 Wad ! ! ( 3 )

Owh~~~~..damn tired today..ustnow went to kelana jaya we work at Kam's sis hot...n also do the same things...pack things pack diferent things la..but damn sien 1 is...also olympus..apa i see olympus also will scared oh..wahahah...tired ah...when finish job..thn back to sunway n dinner with my forgot want to eat dinner with sg tim..wahaha..after tht i just see my sg member eat only lo..haha...thn go to alvin fung hse sg..thn come back home lo..wah..damn tired oh..u see me write till like ths also knw i roughly write 1 lo..coz i damn tired oh..but i want to blog also..wahaha...forgot to is my last day work this part time need wake up early dy..wahaha....oh ya..this morning forgot to set alarm..i suppose is wake up at 6.30am nick call me many times i just wake up.some more i set to silent mode so din listen my phone ring..duno y i can feel my phone is i still can rush to wash up n go to work...yeah...haha..thts alll la..


Thursday, April 24, 2008

开工大吉,Wad 得就 Wad ! ! ( 2 )

Owh...another tired day..wahaha...justnow just got 7ppl pack the things only...wahaha...damn tired la...pack whole day just got 1000 only..ohno....aih...some more cant eat shogun with my fren lagi..sien..apa ini....but nvm la..justnow go out with ah time din come out talk with him dy...we went to ss2 taman megah thr dinner thn go 1u watch movie..but no movie to watch we go back sunway play snooker at golden break..wah...long time no go there..become nice dy...aih..long time no snooker oh..became chicken tht go McD thn back home lo..aih..tired...tmr need to pack again..==need wake up early again...aih....sien....


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

开工大吉,Wad得就 Wad ! !

~~~~Owh...damn tired today...!!1st day work part time job..and also 1st 6.30am wake up leh...long time don have wake up early pity o...thn wait for kam fetch us lo..wah....long time din listen my fm de "cha bou ma bou"..haha..thn we go to kam sister office there wait the person come and bring us to the Mont' nick jason kam n her sis and 4 malay guys work together.....we go to olympus company to pack the card reader n battery..wah....need to pack 7000 pack just pack 300-400 only....yorr...die i tot we will pack it inside a somethings like factory..haha..but actually we do inside office n siting to do 1...wah..syok...some more got air cone lagi...wahaha...syok....==...tmr need wake up early n go to work again..aih...sien..but nvm la...i go there enjoy with those fan cheong only la..haha..fellowship


Monday, April 21, 2008

SS pix in pyramid(20/04/2008)

Zermi , Travin , Nick , Patrick @ Pyramid~~(20/04/2008)


Good Morning! ! !

Uih...SONG..Good Morning..ngam ngam finished bath..wahaha....aih..din sleep whole nite..but din feel tired n sleepy also..aih...yesterday damn syok..haha..we went to WENDY's for dinner..b4 go wendy's we go to buy movie ticket ..we bought "The Forbidden Kingdom" me ,travin,patrick n nick..but nick at mid valley tht we help him buy 1st..after tht we keep calling nick to have dinner together..but can call in his phone...coz his phone battery die nvm la..we go wendy eat 1st la...after tht he call us n said "no need wait me la,u guys eat 1st" we din wait him..if not we die because of we eating..ethan sms us..ask us want watch movie or ngam we also want to watch movie...but we bought the ticket already la..haha..thn we said finish our dinner just help him to buy la..see can sit the same seat or not..after tht we go to buy the ticket lo..the ticket is in front of us..but nvm la...also near us also...haha...after tht..nick ngam ngam reach pyramid thn come to find us...thn nick said he havent eat..apa ini....thn we accompany him go McD to eat...y we din suggest him to wendy is because...............knw wat i mean la..haha...!!so better go McD la..can refill lagi...haha...our movie time is 9.55pm but when we eating at McD is 8pm+-...waliu...want to wait 1-2hours leh..yorr.but nvm la...because we are fan cheong so our conversation are never end n we talk till 9.30pm thn we go to cinema watch movie lo..yeah!!by the way...the movie not bad la...i like the effect the motion but the story not so good la..make me so disappointed..aih...haha....after movie...we want to go home dy 1.but duno y suddenly take photo...n thn we take take take...take till syok n high took in pyramid n outside lagoon...most of the photo are scary happy..long time din do those things dy...still remember when i at 1st term..i also got took with my brother..jason,kam,siu of us enjoy gao finish the shooting..thn go home lo...b4 go home sure yum cha 1st la..haha...we yum at ridzuan's ah boy...thn call mai alvin come out yum cha coz i said help him to do the calligraphy ma..coz see him so pity oh..later 10am need present dy.but still got alot of things havent pity leh....thn mah help him do lo..lucky nick here...he also got help alvin do n think i dea to do the calligraphy..aiya...the alvin also 1...already knw monday need to present but still need to kao lui n nick help him did till 6am++...wah..cant tahan oh..damn tired dy eyes can auto close still havent gao dim..actually we can gao dim 1..but oh..damn sien de is..he don have staple n double tap ..apa ini..really kisiao student don have those staff ..really zadao o..apa nvm also la..haha...thn walk back to home lo...wah..i pass by the garden saw alot of ppl jogging oh...n got ppl play taichi..all so semangat 1...but my face is like zombie..wahahaha...thn...reached home bath thn blog lo...wahaha.....but still din feel sleepy leh...ohno.i think the sleep time is over dy..==|||

nah...this wendy we ate justnow...beef burger....perfectly different with the photo u see..aih...sien ..1st time go thr eat...aih~~....n travin said the chicken got beef fries not nice 1...yorr...nyiak sai oh...

And alot of pix to u guys in next sleepy now..sleep 1st..wakaka...caoZzzZZ


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Disappointed ! ! !

Wat The..damn sien..damn tulan,...damn nyiak sai...ngiao....really sien dao bao oh...apa ini....i treat my bro damn good..but..but..aih.sien oh....i really wish them....aih...sien oh.....but they...aih..sien oh....i good to my brother...but my brother make me disappointed..chiu..sien la....really yaosiu..when we talking tht nite..i really feel want to slap him gao gao oh..apa ini...luckly tht time my mood is damn good ...if tht nite i moody like last time ah...i really will slap him gao gao oh..ngiao...really sien..i really nth to say dy oh..==|||..

uih..go a head la..yorr...don make me change la..ghost ask us are brother meh..yorr....if not i really slap u gao gao ah!!sei fan cheong....yorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

i just can offer my brother is...don miss ur chance la..yorrr....i will so tulan leh...when i saw became like tht dy...yorrr...really siao liao siao liao..

aih...really kisiao oh...i wont forget this things in my life..apa ini..!!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Sweet Memories CD075-6

Hmm..suddenly view back the CD075-6(NEVER FORGET) miss tim..hmm..really have alot of sweet memories in our foundation...never forget!!!!


Normal day

apa ini..last nite 5am++ sleep thn justnow 11am++ wake up..wah.really early sleep n early wake up..haha..i early wake up is because johnson called me wake up...apa ini..sien diao...==||| i 12pm++ go to meet him thn we go pyramid...aih...nth to do...thn said wanna go lagoon..wahaha...apa ini..johnson cant go in..coz the management problem..yorr..THE ONE management really got problem oh..apa ini..aih..thn nvm lo.we go to watch movie lo..we watch escape from huang bad..tht is real a good movie to watch..!!

My Pity roommate roommate wallet lost pity...y will like tht..u ask him lo..aih..i lazy talk dy..u knw y?his whole things lost dy nvm McD card inside his wallet leh..ohno..make me cant get free give fries n sandea corn dy..yorr...sien oh..aih..nvm la..count la...last time be ppl father want find a father or mother to apply my card again..wahahaha

happy belated bday to zhuo yu!!

LoL..justnow dinner with those fan cheong again..haha...for celebrate zhuo yu belated bday lo..haha....yorr...he said maybe go CocoBanana oh..yorr.....i want go...coz!!ahh!!!i want go ah...yorr....aih!!..count la.see how tmr la..haha....yeah..justnow watch ghost movie ini..the movie damn sien leh..yorr..some more the movie so long..waliu..sien..aih..thn..ngam ngam back home..wahaha.....


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hong Lok pasar malam(Cheras) - (16/04/2008)

Finally we have went to the pasar malam syok coz we eat eat talk talk play play in the pasar malam..wahaha...we enjoy gao gao!!yeah!!But sien pat pat many times also din pick up our phone..when pick up dy n said.."har?i duno want go pasar malam oh"..yorrr..sad la..aih...Ohya...i want share few funny things..wahahaha...we bought alot of food thn we find a place to sit..thn we go to the end of the street n ate asam laksa!!wow SONG we heart a promoter SAID "ilove you , u love me ! i no money , u give me !"..wa..tht 1 make us laugh gao guy really a sei fan cheong...wahaha!!after tht we continue to walk around again lo..thn nick bought a bread n he suddenly felt want to "safe fire"...thn nick pass the bread to jamie for help him take awhile..after tht he run inside to kfc lo..after he came out we sit inside kfc n talk together the same time jamie n travin waiting cherly them at outside we din disturb them lo..manatau we saw jamie eating the bread...waliu..thn we use phone to call jamie to STOP her la..apa ini.she din pick up our tht kiasiao lo..jamie ate half dy..thn others gv cherly gao dim yaosiu..wahahaha!!so count lo..we r gentlemen we din count so many we continue walk walk walk lo...we walk faster thn the 2 girl ma..thn we wait them opposite the road lo...wao..saw a 4eyes guy want to knw jamie oh..wahaha...n keep asking jamie got a handsome hero go to safe her..n take her go away..wah..really romantic oh..wahahahhahhahhaha!!!really ai kisiao tht we continue walk walk walk again..wahahahha..n we walk to our car lo..n wanna back home dy lo..haha...ah..inside 1 more is the damn more kisiao 1..nick said ohno..i want "boom boom" .. if normal we will close our nose 1 ma....but a clever person,i don want say who la..SHE close her ear oh...waliu...i think she scared to listen the boom boom sound thn smell the boom boom smell oh..wahahaha!!i 1st time see this since in my life..wahaha...i really want kisiao dy..wahaha...!!erm..thts all the funny things la..after tht we go yum cha..thn we call pat pat come we said go subaidah yum 1..thn he just want come out with us,coz he want back home after yum cha in the end we said go ridzuan la..coz he knw when we go ridzuan yum cha he must stay at ridzuan over nite 1 he sien but nvm la...we always did those things 1...haha..after tht go travin hse watch movie again lo...the movie damn me want i already slept during the movie playing..wahaha!!..thts all la...syok n enjoy ah..haha..feel happy with u guys ah..yeah...!!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

happy moment with my fan cheong bro sis!!

Yeah!!last nite went to ridzuan n subang ville to find those fan cheong brother sister...went there enjoin our normal movie blow water n bla bla bla la....haha...i really can find my happy with here i must share a funny things to u guys..if not i can sleep tonite..wahahaha...i want to tell is the sei pat pat..apa ini..i duno he want to make me die or make me laugh..apa ini...last nite i tell them..

Rice : i so down,i got heart things,got girl intro to me or not?!?

then pat pat laugh gao gao..make the whole room can feel vibration mode..after tht..he keep continue n non stop de ask..u down ah?u got heart things ah?u want lui ah?..keep asking asking asking..non stop de ask..yasiu...realy gv me a feel is..wanna said..

"wa pa lu kisiao gao gao wa ka lu kong ah"

after tht i saw the dryer beside me..thn i pick it up n tell pat pat..i wanna kill myself..waliu..more die...he laugh till the whole bloc of ridzuan got the vibration effect!!haha...

after finish blow water in nick house..thn we go travin hse watch movie ini..the pat pat can laugh gao gao oh..from nick hse to travin hse also keep laughing inside travin hse he still keep asking "u so down ah?u got heart things ah?u want lui ah?"..apa ini...wahaha....thn after finished movie at travin hse...thn go son son house play again..wahaha..after tht sleep at his hse..yeah!!

lol..i think this sentence just my fan cheong fren will knw wat its mean 1 the way..happy happy all the way....YEAH!!!!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Forever ! ! !

Hmm...mood better...justnow yum cha with my fan cheong brother..haha...kam kam n son son...happy to knw u guys...u guys really sei fan a nice the way..wish u guys will happy forever la...n got good news tell me woh..haha....i will feel happy because..u happy i will happy too..ya...i will...coz i knw n really understand dy...erm..maybe can say thank god for blessed me have a small clever bah..haha....i will be happy n look foward my hard n study smart!!gambateh rice!!

Thank GOD for the blesses!!


Monday, April 14, 2008


waliu..taday damn tulan justnow make me more tulan..damn damn damn....better don tell me,don call me,don ask me....really wtf...n better don disturb me this few days ah!!

PC fair(11/04/2008)

last friday went to pc fair bought a hard disk..120gb rm199...finally i have a hard disk lo..that day damn tired..walk many hours..wah..kisiao..tat day really go pasar buy fish with kao xiao...damn tired leg like step full of

i like this nice n i like the colour..wahaha

after pc fair went to kimgary for dinner n celebrate joyceline nite we so funny..n also stupid..wahaha...rush rush rush ! ! ! lol


A wonderful tulan day damn tulan...erm...but still ok la..just now went to lunch with pat pat...thn watch movie with pat pat..we watch Nim's island..the movie not bad la..quite funny..haha..luckly got pat pat today..if not i really ai si damn son son lock himself in house...apa key also can us go find him also cant..apa ini...finish movie no place go..then we go starbucks drink n blow syok la..the feel...although i m tulan today but after those activities..still ok mood became ok ok my today gv pat pat dy..wahahaha...


Sunday, April 13, 2008

BARcelona nite(10/04/2008)

here we are..6 "l" 5 "0"

tht day is thursday..after praise team thn direct go barcelona..hmmm..not bad la..lazy share..thts all la..


Saturday, April 12, 2008

High I 的年轻人 (三)

都五点多了..睡不着tim!!现在的感觉是很不爽..我想找人来打..哈哈!! 最近觉得自己是一条咸鱼,因为什么都不要想,睡觉 is the best..High I 的年轻人 要变 High S 的年轻人了!!不懂为什么会有这种感觉..一直喜欢快歌/rock歌的我..现在既然听慢歌,因为这几首慢歌很刚我现在的心情!!WAO...好听到~~有感觉到~~!!Hmmm....明天的meeting很不想去..宁愿找我的死党出来吹水好过,讲到天花龙凤,翻天覆地都可以..不是就在家睡到搞搞..什么都不用想!!Aih... 神啊!!!救我吧!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rice Can FlyyyYYY

Yahoo!!!...i can fly dy..wahahahaha...finally my perspective done..yeah..gao dim..damn syok the perspective need alot of time to do..wah..really kisiao..but thx nick,kai wen,n jeremy me gao dim the perspective..yeah...this few days stay at ridzuan do my perspective..wah...few days o..erm..maybe 3-4night at ridzuan do my perspective..but 1 nite i just take 2 hours like tht la..haha..but play at ridzuan almost 10-12hours ..wahahaa......n we sleep around 6am like tht just sleep..wah..damn syok leh..haha..

my bungalow with the garden..but the car "K" shape dy...actually is alphard...wahaha the way..damn free now..can fly dy..n enjoin our holiday life again..wahaha...tonite play play...yeah....


Monday, April 7, 2008

猪朋狗友! ! !

终于都跟爸妈报平安了...哈哈!!今天是美好的一天..LOL..了解我的猪朋狗友们都明白我讲什么啦...哈哈!!apa ini...刚刚click money 出来,然后去找 "宝地" 啦!!kisiao...既然叫我去KFC..waliu..刚刚按了钱,some more ..我的钱才刚按出来不久而且还是热的tim...就给了一个很长气的kakak.. 不错..第一次order KFC 会有那么长气+讲到那么detail的很快的..今天不懂用什么春...就没有了一张50块..kisiao....真的是 "风吹大地草自摆" .. 我真的要谢谢我的猪朋狗友们!!!

Fiona Leung Evangelistic(30/03/2008)

Fiona Leung Evangelistic

Yeah!!that day she came our church for sharing..all of my fren said so touched..aih.sien la.i cant listen coz i need to rush just can listen P&W in the cafe n dance with a small girl..wahahaha..i look like gold fish after tht i continue my video editing la..aih..

Fiona Leung

nah..i m the white shirt tht 1..back view..damn video..from 5pm++ edit till 10pm like tht..the sharing ngam ngam finish..haha..luckly still can go to yum

this is the video i edit la..


Thursday, April 3, 2008

sleepy day

wah..kisiao..last nite do perspective do till kisiao ...waliu...sleepy dao..but i 11pm just start to move my perspective untill 6am..wa.....sleepy dao..i want kill myself till 6am also nvm la...after tht 8am want wake up n go to class..waliu...sien la..coz our class start at 9am..kisiao ...9am start class nvm la..i still can alive la..yorr...thn our lecturer 9.30am just in class ...wah..apa ini...but nvm la..come late also nvm..coz we end class at 10:15am..u say kisiao boh?apa ini..thn today tulan la..but nvm la..we so enjoin in the class also..wahaha...thn i damn i direct come back home sleep la..but be4 sleep blog 1st la..wahaha....really sleepy...sleep

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fool Party

April fool party with enjoin..we r gathering together at nick we make so many spaghetti,cola chicken,duno wat wat black chicken,salad,tong sui,nasi goreng pataya with spring,fried got 10ppl join our party.. " nick,jason,kam,travin,jason,JC,cherly,jamie,patrick n zermi " ..ya..all of us la..ngam ngam 10 syok ah...10 person eat many things..cant finish all those food..especially the EGG..waliu..u guys knw? 10 person eat 43 eggs ahh..wa palu kisiao gao gao ah..apa ini....somemore got "um chun " egg lagi..wah....geng..n big big bowl de fried spring rice,big big bowl de spaghetti,n big big bowl de kisiao..damn hard to finally we also can gao dim it..we gv the rubbish bag to eat it...wahahaha....after gao dim the food...thn we play mahjong...wao..happy happy...after mahjong..we continue our 2nd movie...we went to pyramid watch ah long..wahahaha..the movie damn funny..from head laugh till tail..apa ini...syok syok., happy la today..thn after movie we went to mamak(subaidah) yum cha lagi..waliu...pat pat n travin geng,..still can order nasi goreng pataya..waliu..egg agiain..hahahha,,,they really geng....after mamak..thn we go home the way..happy today...wahahahaha....

Oh yeah...from now..this years de april fool is our 1st anniversary..wahahhaha...but for CD075-6 we everyday also april fool 1 la....coz we r silly n crazy...thts y CD075-6 (never forget)..haha

nah...i did the salad 1..wahahaha

after party with those geng nite...wahahaha...

happy today...yeah!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Coming Coming

Ya..the day is coming..hmm....pray la..hope my mood will become normal...hmm....
if not i will see him gao gao lagi...i don want ahhhh!!!!!!!

April fool

wahaha...happy april fool ..yo...i knw got some of u birthday today..wahaha...if u tell ur fren maybe they will tot u r lie them...wahaha...erm..actually i m write for fun 1 la..hahahaha..want to kacau