Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MR2+ night2 photoss

Here are the photo from MR2+ 2nd nite

The beginning...Started with 2 silly guy

peter yap with flower

After that~~~

Hmm~~See that nite so many silly thing...haha


Sunday, September 28, 2008


~Smile always,Good rainbow will automatic come~


Friday, September 26, 2008


Humor can bring fun to everyone

This is the video i edited for my design method 2's 1st assignment..

ohno..i felt so disappointed for this video..coz the angle, the sound so sux....yorr...

but by the way

special thank to

Johnson Lim
Xing yu


New Drinks

wednesday shooting in pyramid..

after shooting went to clas...5pm-10pm...

after class went to ah boy for dinner..suppose i want to order limau ais tambah garam..but i accidentally TEH O AIS tambah garam..oh shit...really duno how to describe the drinks...so finally i order ais kosong..haha

after dinner...went to ridzuan shooting..

after the shooting..back home editing..edit until 6am..coz need to present nx day..lol...


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MR2+ photoss 2


My design Method 2, 1st project is talk about our influences ..so mine 1 is humor wont make us embracing and can bring out fun to others..

my story is talk about PUTT PUTT..ahaha...wanna knw?u will knw this thursday..wakakak....after thursday i will upload my video...wait ya...haha...

b4 tht..share a nice story to u guys 1st..haha...about PUTT PUTT also..haha

but is chinese 1..


Monday, September 22, 2008


MR2+ over..haha...
now waiting for the final..
18/10/2008 is the final..prepare ur heart n come la..



this song so touch..
touched me..
share to u all..
thanks her for share this song to me...
love well..
remember n trust our father always with us..


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Design Method 2

"Humor Can Bring Happiness"

idea idea idea
concept concept concept


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Selamat Hari Bulan

Yoyo...yesterday was Moon Cake Festival

after service went to The Curve with Johnson..lol...thn we ate "Tuan Yuan" rice together..haha..

2 of us ate only..lol...

b4 our dinner..we watched movie..

WAH~~~nice dao bao~~~"Black Water" STRONGLY RECOMMEND DON'T WATCH

wah..apa ini..we just watch an hour thn came out dy...ohno...the 1 hour scene also in the same environment..waliu..sien dao...

after tht we go to hang kai..lol

thn dinner at THAI express ..lol..not bad la..

after tht..back home..


Monday, September 15, 2008

MR2+ photoss

Yeah..last saturday nite MR2+ started..


so smooth..haha..yeah!!!

stupid johnson
funny hui ling
cutie boy
pretty stage
me n jovina
huh?click n playm i leng lui?haha..

today my look like girl..haha..don show u guys the singer photo 1st..haha..

click here for more information

or visit here

Sushi Day Photos

These are the photos i shoot that day..lol..which day i forgot dy...haha..


Friday, September 12, 2008

Wake me up when 9am

Yesterday class so funny..haha..talk about influences ...lol..apa ini..make some of my classmates cry..haha...coz our project is talk about our influences ....hmm..some of them got so touched n sad story...

but mine 1 is funny n happy 1..haha..contrast..lol....

after class thn went to church for practice...

finished practice

yum cha at oldtown again...lol...

thn johnson said sleep at edwin's house..i suddenly got tht mood stay thr...haha..so i just go edwin there sleep lo..

after oldtown yum cha thn johnson edwin n i yum cha again..haha..at ming tin lagi..lol

coz i tot nx day class is 2pm ma..luckily i got called patrick n ask him about the timetable..if not i skip today class..lol..patrick saaid..9:00am class...ohno..i tot 2.30pm tim..ohno lo..thn nvm la...no change lo..sleep edwin there n wake up early lo..haha

thn 1am like tht johnson n i talk gao gao again..haha..telk till 5am..lol..nx day 9am class..still not yet sleep...haha...

nvm la..got set alarm thn ok dy la..lol..

ya..here is the most crazy 1..i set 8.20PM

luckily johnson wake me up at 9.35..lol..thn i fast fast rush rush n go to col..luckily edwin house is at sunway hotel..haha..so iso fast can reached...lol..


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nite class = nightmare class

1st time attended nite class..walao..really sleepy dao~~~...

lol..like Mathematik class like tht..haha

all are action script..haha...nvm la..so funny also la..the lecturer so gao siao...so fun..not feel boring la..haha...

during the class...cherly keep called me...disturb me oh..yor..i wan be good student de wa...thn she disturb me so make me cant focus the lecture...

yorrr~~~my file all lose oh..apa ini..the things i done justnow all gone..apa ini...coz i directly save in pendrive..so...sien~~... =.=|||

today wanna celebrate jmie bday 1..manatau our timetable not same..waliu..sien dao bao o..coz i got nite class..hmm..thn tot got cinema with them or wat activity after class tim..manatau all dismiss..lol..zadao~~..haha

thn no change la..so better back home la..haha..thx for tofu fetch me back la..lol...


Started Day2

Yeah..today class..sound like so sien like tht..but still can accept la..haha...


but so far..i knw tht html easier thn actionscript la..haha..but duno will how in the end la..haha..

coz senior said html will hard till die la..haha..thn i just can wait die la...haha

today type many html things..lol..n gv us a title n wan us to think about it n do it in html..
lol...my title is.."soldier" ..

wat to do next..i also not so sure..haha...

after class...thn find ya chee awhile n felt damn tired..thn back home relax n wait for media team meeting..lol..daniel n shujun come to fetch me..haha..they duno whr my house thn i draw a map to them..lol..

1st 1 draw my map in msn..haha..thn gv shujun shoot me..lol..cant see wats tht..lol..after tht she ask me draw in illus..haha...

ah....here is the map i draw...lol
also kena shoot..din draw the detail...hard to find also..wakakaka

after tht meeting at ah boy...

after ah boy went to McD meet ricky n sit there awhile blow water awhile..

after McD..Oldtown Kopitiam again..haha..always OLDtown..haha...yum cha till half..shujun them also came to yum ..haha....so ngam..coz they also like oldtown..wahaha..after tht jason pang came to met us...n yum again..yum till 12am++ thn back home...

reached home..direct cho dee ~viwawa...hahaha..

after cho dee..blog now lo..haha..

finish this blog will continue cho dee again..wahahaha..

by the way...today puas puas hati saya..haha....so happy n so enjoy today..wahahaha


Monday, September 8, 2008


yeah..the nightmare start...

1st class..1st lesson..visual fundamental 2...draw again...draw 6 frame..kisiao..haha

nvm la...haha..enjoy also..

1st class 1st lesson 1st picture ~ [a pose(award winning)]


finish class thn lunch

thn wait for wat wat survey of S.E.A. waliu sien dao...

the most kisiao is....MARION teach us...ou yeah~~`


today so enjoy...

by the way

hope will no nightmare tmr..haha


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nightmare is coming

Oh yeah~~~!!

Today is last day holiday..prepare our heart to face the nightmare tomorow..less thn 24hours..

monday 9am class..wat a blue monday...

visual fundamental 2 lagi..u say die boh..draw draw draw again..can die this time...

i hate the timetable..apa ini...wednesday 5pm-9pm class..ohno..

left 18hours from now..ohno..thn wanna face the nightmare..



Saturday, September 6, 2008


. . . . .


. . .

the audition...

. . .


. . .


. . .

got alot of comment...wah...

the most funny 1 is my smile face..haha..

they said don smile when playing song..wakaka...

like silly smile..ahah..apa ini..



Friday, September 5, 2008


This few days damn free..haha..nth to do..just yum cha yum cha..lol...

n today special abit..last nite fei yang called me...he said he at kl n find me come out hang kai..haha..so surprise..he will come kl n find me..haha..really long time din see him..haha...n make me knw more about tawau things again..haha...

Mid Valley toilet got big mirrow..yeah...

we met at midvalley...after tht went to sg wang..wah..so lucky..saw lao shu(tikus)...haha..really damn surprise..suddenly meet 2 tawau fren in 1 day..is long time din gather together de tht 1 tim...haha....lol..suddenly so miss when we was in tawau..haha...miss the tawau life...

thn find jean tan in her shop n fei yang go to find his fren...hmm..so tired..coz later need go church practice drum..for the audition 1..

finish hang kai thn back to church practice..

finish practice..walk back to home..

ngiao..suddenly rain..but luckily is small rain la..

duno y..my mood suddenly down...became moody n something like dulan..sien oh...

so my mood keep low low low low low low low..BANG!!

sien oh..thn back home..bath n wait for share group...finish share group yum cha thts all....


Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunday Me

Sunday like normal...went to church...n wanna thanks RICK..haha..he help me fetch fanny come to church..they not even knw each other..haha..really need thx rick gao gao..haha..happy again...fanny came to join our service..haha..

finish service..siaw ting said wan buy something...thn went to pyramid buy lo..n help pat pat ask things...lol...

after tht join their sushi trainig class..haha...thn chiew yee said need shooting..thn i shoot the whole sushi practice class...

(photo will update later..^^)

yeah...ate free sushi at thr..haha...so full..actually we decide eat steamboat after the sushi section...but so full tht time...so cant go steamboat oh..haha...thn no idea..so went pyramid hang kai..haha...after tht..oldtown kopitiam again...haha...damn tired..

thn back home online awhile thn sleep lo..haha..so tired..

Saturday Me

saturday went to faith music meeting...after tht edit the dancing song..yeah..finally i done the song..haha..

after tht..damn tired already..wanna sleep in church..wah..air-con gao gao..syok..wanna sleep in dy..thn they ask me go emerge concert..lol..damn tired..keep said don 1...finally i also go it by force..lol..when reached there..when during the praise n worship..damn sleepy..even fast song i also felt sleepy...haha...thn when sing the slow song...really wan fal in sleep dy..thn sit down on the chair after tht better went out to the concert n drink water..lol..after tht..they went out n go dinner together at 3jc...haha...

finish dinner went to church support siaw ting audition..haha..till around 11pm thn McD yum cha again..haha...this time got tyng shin join us..wakakaka..

till 2am back home n continue cho dee..wahahaha..till 5am...nx day need went to church early early tim...==|||