Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sabah Trip

Yeah!! thank GOD for everythings and thankgs for blessed us have asafety journey and have a lot of fun and Finally came back from sabah..haha..

But i became darker and fatter dy..ohno...sei la sei la..
Btw...we got went alot of places..but we also got alot of places didnt
This Sabah trip had alot of funny things and happy memories...the main purpose we have this sabah trip is haveing fun together and also becoz of our term break are too long(maybe)..hehe
And the 2nd purpose is photo shooting..wahahaha...almost all of us also bring our dslr to shoot shooooot and shooooooooot... am i.....

in the apartment
with 3 flowers
dim sum time
in the boat
sexy pose~~

i didnt take any photo is because i m the videographer..just video shooting only..hehe...
erm...the video is not with me patrick i cant edit the video 1st..just can show u guys a short short trailer...haha....

Sabah Trip Poster
Sabah Trip Trailer

short short 31 sec....used 1 hour to gao dim it...count ok la...hehe

btw...special thanks to lincoln , sleve , and jeremy mum...they treat us so good and brought us go here go there..thanks..
ya..since we have alot of ppl join this sabah u guys can visit their blog to get more information...(click the name to visit their blog)

jeng chyuan

ps : if blogspot don have than visit their facebook la...sure got 1...haha...


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sleepless night again~~Too Excited!!

Too excited..cant sleep last just now 6am i slept than 10am++..i woke up...Ohno..maybe i long time didn't feel so happy n my mode is 100% enjoy i do last nite leh?i try to find some songs and imagine how i want to edit the video...haha..althought the trip havent start yet..but i can imagine wat i want to shoot dy...ngek many songs i m too happy is thursday 16th april 2009....i will never forget make me cant sleep...haha...cause today is everyones excited day i think....hahaha...sabah trip begin today..hope we have a fun and safe hourney to sabah la..

come on let us pray,

FATHER, we come before you,hope all of us will enjoy the sabah trip la...and pray that we have a peaceful and safety journey to jesus name we pray...
together we say


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone...


Friday, April 10, 2009

for fun

Too Free during this holiday~~so edited and designed something for fun..
ngek ngek..

wallpaper for fun
video for fun

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yeah..finally i can online..long time didnt online..


but the line so slow....slow like turtle...cannot upload hard if i cannot upload photoss cause i lazy to better use photo to tell...haha....

btw..have a nice day....keke :P