Monday, March 31, 2008

shit movie

wah..kisiao..justnow watch movie with those fan cheong....waliu..kisiao ah..the movie really sien oh..apa ini..already told them watch other movie la...1st time watch ghost movie till i want to sleep o..apa sit beside me..she damn scared..make me laugh only..wahahahaha....

yeah,.nvm tmr watch other agian..wahah..after april fool party watch movie..yeah...

happy happy....thts because we r CD075-6


High I 的年轻人 (二)

路人甲 : how r u o?still ok boh?

年轻人 : aih..count la..feel don want dy..coz..coz..aih.coount la....better play my drum n learn EG gao gao la..wahaha..and study also

路人甲 : wah..u really high I de wish u good luck la...

年轻人 : thanks...^^

high I 的年轻人要便成一个 high D 的年轻人...

Saturday, March 29, 2008


yeah!!!!happy went to kl hang kai..mana tahu give me saw a electric guitar..thn nvm la...see see down see see down till i want to buy it..apa ini..thn i din think 2 din think 3...thn i direct want to buy the electric guitar...wahaha...actually i want to buy purple colout or dark blue colour tht 1...but oh..not so good compare with i bought this 1..aih.,.nvm i just bought whole black la..but also happy..wahaha..yeah....

but oh..i duno how to play electric guitar and also acoustic guitar too..wahaha...but nvm la..basic basic still knw how to play la..half tin like tht lo..yeah...tmr need to play drum during P&W but now i m playing my new electric guitar...yeah..tmr wait die..wahahaha... is my happy day...

Stupid K800i recovered stupid k800i can take photo dy..wahaha...happy happy....duno y suddenly can take no need call father dy....wahahaha.....

Friday, March 28, 2008

High I 的年轻人

有一天,有一位年轻人放弃了一样东西,弄到他每天都说 "MOODY" ,所以今天那位年轻人说


WAO..好像很有power哦!!他每天都在他朋友面前act成一个开心果!!Aih.....没有变的哦,high I 的人是将的啦。

路人甲 :What happen oh??

年轻人 :Don't ask me!!

路人甲 :give some tips la..yorrr

年轻人 :Tawau


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Awesome_Joseph the Human Music Box

wat the...awesome...i really nth can u guys just see la..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stupid K800i hp cant take photo dy..sien la...3.2mp also no use now..kisiao wait die only la..summore my joystick got problem lagi..sei lo sei lo....really stupid k800i

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Red Compass Concert Night (sketch)

Red Compass concert night..sketch...part 1 - part 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Monday, March 24, 2008

memories of FCC(VIDEO)

this is the video i edited n show it in easter day..^^

by the way..moody now..T_T

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Red Compass Concert

Yeah!!!red compass is syok..although it is last nite de concert...haha..but y i today just post leh?haha..coz last our concert till 10pm like tht..thn a short brief and faith music member gathering at subaidah..wahaha..we so noisy at at pasar we yum cha till 1am++..wah..damn we go back home lo..but kisiao ah..back home dy cant sleep oh..waliu..coz maybe too high gua..haha..thn nth to just edit video for tmr church easter lo..haha..yeah...finally i have done my video..haha...thn show to pastor n he approved will show it tmr..thank god... the way...the concert damn happy..haha..concert tht nite so high..the P&W and also the sketch so oh..cant tahan..coz it is too touched..n sure got some funny part la..haha...and more touched is my those fan cheong frens will come to my concert..haha...thx them come for my church ah fong thx jc thx xiu xiu thx pat pat thx siu keong thx nick....wahahah....

so..u want to see our concert nite? u must go in to FCC website la... ...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Natural VS Cultural

These are my Culture vs Natural.. actually this is WeiMeng ask me to redo it..because if i din redo i need OTP... haiz.. sien.. but nvm.. finally i have done it well.. yeah.. i get 9/10 oh... yeah.. but deduct 3marks because it count as late submition so i get 6marks lo.. haha... but nvm la..i so happy also... and actually it is copy from my interface character design... i just change their hair bacame purple colour,y i choose purple is becaus i like purple.. haha..n other 1 is wear

My character design

I personally like my character design soc it is so i pure post my character only la..haha

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Digital Design for Multi Media

YAHOOOOO!!!!!finally i also finished my interface design..yeah..last time is icon design.,.now is interface...but now this 1 is more difficult n mafan alot of things need to add on n play....but finally i also gao dimj it..wahahaha....kisiao ah..actually i real real start is start at monday afternoon..i did the whole tired..n tuesday also...monday i did till 5am thn tuesday wake up at 9am++ n continue do again...wat the...tuesday also did whole day..did till 3am++...wah..finally have done...yeah..make me tired gao gao....kisiao!!luckly i can tush my work n present this morning..if not will really kisiao the way..finally have done my interface n no need go the class also damn tired..2days din sleep well nvm still need wait for wei meng to talk about my visual com...aih..kisiao...thn find kam kam them..apa ini..need wait for his cap lagi...wah..wait an hour oh...thn JC n i damn we go bought 1/2 dozen de die now la..3days no need sleep again..coz need help JC do the interface lagi..ngiao..but nvm la..i m good ma..hahaha...

Oh ya..actually my title for my interface is EMPTY FORT STRATEGY

this story is talk about.....

My Title logo

this is my main page
under main page tht 3 are
"character introduction" "Download" and "story introduction"

here is my character introduction

cute boh?

My loading page

Story introduction

so these are my interface design la..wahahaha...^^

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

my character design - (Zhu Ge Liang)

WAH..kisiao....this is my character design....u don see it small small like tht o...this Zhu Ge Liang...i did it from 12am - 3.40am oh..waliu...non stop ah....damn tired..still got 1 Chao cao lagi..haiz....
Are this Zhu ge Liang look so in?haha...look like mordern Zhu Ge Liang

Stupid MSN

yor..duno wat happen...the msn damn kisiao ah...apa ini...cant send out the msg..just can see ppl msg chat with send by msn i reply by my personal msg..really kisiao...
see..JC really with himself...haha

Monday, March 17, 2008

Dream Come True

Justnow my fren told me about his/her suggestion or decide or dream or watever wish his/her dream come true la...y i put his/her coz the fan cheong said is secret so mah better don say

After that in my mind suddenly remember..Yee..actually i also got a dream 1...i think if my fren din tell me his/her suggestion..maybe i forgot my dream thx to my fren lo..^^

so wish my dream come true la..


by the way
this is also our church
and don forget this good friday 21/3 got chinese concert in FCC...come n join us...we also got sing the songs inside this see u guys this friday ya...

Anyway..wish my dream come true


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Drum Day

today is my happy n unforgetable day..because i play durm with full band today ..haha...1st time play praise and worship song..yeah.....although today i play too fast n too loud in the 1st song but after tht still can slow down abit n become normal happy...but still got abit wrong bead la..haha...coz too nervous change alot ppl said i got improved ..yeah...coz last time i play so bad ma..always wrong now..still ok lo...haha.not bad hope i can play more better in the future la..muahaha!!anyway..i so happy today....yeah!!

Consecration video DONE

yeah..finally the video is finish render...yeah..for those who need a copy u can take from me la...n i also will gv to church staff...u guys also can take from there...haha..yeah!!thank GOD

Pity Night

Pity nite ah....Sei lo....the video havent render finish tim...apa ini...still rendering..haiz..already 3hours ++ lo...but no change la...the video is almost 2hours just want to wait long time the way..actually i is a consecration video only our church's consecration(09/03/2008) de video..need to render it out...haiz...still need to wait 40mnts..ohno..sien la...summore need to touch up the video lagi..cut here cut there..thn combine together..ngiao..damn mafan la..but nvm..coz i like is do for our change la..just wait wait wait n wait la...somemore need to play drum 9hours again i need to play tired ah so stress ah....i 1st time play drum in new nervous so scared because 3months din play with full band dy...ohno...pray ah pray many flower need to play ah..die lo...but nvm..coz GOD will always beside me ,HE will guide me n lead me n bless me...YEAH!!..k la..write till here 1st,i continue wait the video rendering la..haha...ciao

WAR ! ! !

Arrhhh......Ohno...CD075-6 will WAR again ...ohno.....last time is HURT now is WAR..
wow..."hou Zhong Kun" ah....
apa ini..i said war is i want play drum tmr jek...u guys also war ah?haha

Friday, March 14, 2008


die hard lo die hard lo.....justnow pratice drum....apa shit la..yorr.....sei lo i ply on this sunday oh...ohno...long time din full band liao oh..make me so stress stress ah....LORD plaese help me LORD....haiz...pray pray pray...pray hard hard

Love Actually Concert Night 12/3

WOW....the concert so high..really can fight with jat concert..muahaha..there got fully LOVE n i got some too..haha...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finally batik is over T_T

YEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! fianlly batik is happy..

thank god thank my father my mother my fren my groupmate my classmate my hand...thank you thank you thank you happy...

we no need rush the DAMN batik again..yeah....although it is so fun la..but make me alot of things to do only,,ngiao...n i want thx my fren joan,she help me sew the jeans..muahah..actually not me sew 1 la....n thx jason help me type the rationale..if not i will die hard n wait die n almost find justnow i too rush la...forgot bring mindmap to school thn come back to take again..apa tired n damn hot..lucky saw jason in ming tin n ask him help me type rationale n the sewing,lucky joan help us to sew it,if not wait die la..muahaha....

the beginnig we start canting .. so hard la...kisiao ahand thn play wax..haha..look like shitthis is our progress
- sketch
- paint
- fixer
- dry
thn cut cut paste paste sew sew spray spray stick mafan
finally our products are come out..haha....
1st - head scraft
2nd - CD holder
3rd - jeans

after that thn presentation lo..n also got demo..muahaha
Our concept are come from hip hop n street art..thn try to apply in our product it is suit for male n ini...they said the mask too colourful..haha..but nvm la..we will improve the way our presentation is over lo..yeah..

u can leave some comment abt our product..haha..thx

Sunday, March 9, 2008

HURT ! ! !

Ohno..Cd075-6 became a HURT group already tim..die hard lo die hard lo..Y all of us will so hurt ah?really dunno what happen la?haha..about money?fren?love? ..ohno...

OHno..i m so hurt too...aiks...duno y felt sad n moody this few days...hmm...

So please don try to kacau CD075-6 lo....muahahahaha..if u want find die u come to kacau us la..hahaha..

Friday, March 7, 2008

Faith Christian Centre Event

We will use our new hall this sunday..yeah...thts mean 09/03/2008 happy...

Church Event

Consecration of New Building

Sun Mar 9 17:00 – Sun Mar 9 19:00

The Consecration of our new church building is on 9th March at 5PM. All congregations are to come together to celebrate the official opening of the new building.

A Celebratory Dinner will take place right after the Consecration. Please buy your ticket at the church counter this weekend.


12, 21 March
  • Love Actually (English), for all who are young at heart on 12th March at 7:30pm at our new Sanctuary!

  • Red Compass (Chinese Youth Concert)– obviously for those consider themselves as youth, at the new Sanctuary on Good Friday, 21st March.

Yeah...(123-english concert) (321-chinese concert) for more information please log on to

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

点解? ?

无知点解Suddenly 觉得 . . . . 点解我老豆无亥李家成 ? ? ? BILL GATES 都得呱 ? ?

点解? 点解?

AIH...闲啦喂 ! !

Moody this few days..aih...

LORD please help me & guide me LORD..tell me what should i do LORD....AMEN

Monday, March 3, 2008

White Rice Vs Pink Me

White Colour VS Pink Colour !!!

Yeah!!i m white..haha...
White Horse

Pink Pink Pink Pink

Clubbing nite at ruums(01/03/2008)

Clubbing with my colleague..duno sien la...i no think i din have the clubbing mood nvm la...saw them happy,i also happy..the most happy are the 3flowers bah i 1st time drink 1/3 cup of beer only leh..amazing...muahaha..thn the less i just drink coke think i became a good boy o..i just sit there n seee them dance n sleep in fight tht nite oh..apa ini...duno wat happen...hmm..thts all la...lazy type dy lo...i had write 3 blogs today lo..geng leh...haha....

Share Group in New Paris(29/02/2008)

^Share Group photo in new paris^

lol...before dinner..die also want fit in all of us....
so no change lo..took photo by self lo..haha
wow.....Lord,thanks for bless us those food,Amen
wahahaha....gao dim

Lol...y we went restaurant for share group is because we have no place..haha...siaw ting n my hse also "full house" alot of things...haha..coz we move house last tuesday(26/02) 5 person move hse in 1 syok n damn tired..apa ini...

Jay Chou Concert!! (23/02/2008)

Yeah!!!! Jay concert...syok , high , geng , happy high oh..1st time went concert..muahaha...and so sad is jay sick tht day but lucky he still can handle the whole concert...haha...n he got sang teng lee jiun de song...haha..he said is for aunty n rehearsal 1..but "tian tian de"...haiz....sad la....ngiao....

But also got not syok abit la..Apa ini....we bought the ticket are NN but the stupid crew put our sit behind PP,....ngiao..supose NN is infront PP de ma....but nvm la..we finally have change back the place..coz got alot ppl beh song also n complain complain..haha...i remember the Fker crew ah..the body huge n his eyes like gv ppl punch like tht..ngiao...

patrick - zermi - baojing the 1st song - hunag jing jia
wow...transparent organ

nice firework..qian li zhe Y

nan quan mother
wah..i like this firework..nice!!!

lol...after jay again..sei ah fung "kon" me drink gao gao...

so this is my happy tmr early morning need go church service lagi...ohno..damn tired..haha....