Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Digital Design for Multi Media

YAHOOOOO!!!!!finally i also finished my interface design..yeah..last time is icon design.,.now is interface...but now this 1 is more difficult n mafan alot of things need to add on n play....but finally i also gao dimj it..wahahaha....kisiao ah..actually i real real start is start at monday afternoon..i did the whole tired..n tuesday also...monday i did till 5am thn tuesday wake up at 9am++ n continue do again...wat the...tuesday also did whole day..did till 3am++...wah..finally have done...yeah..make me tired gao gao....kisiao!!luckly i can tush my work n present this morning..if not will really kisiao the way..finally have done my interface n no need go the class also damn tired..2days din sleep well nvm still need wait for wei meng to talk about my visual com...aih..kisiao...thn find kam kam them..apa ini..need wait for his cap lagi...wah..wait an hour oh...thn JC n i damn we go bought 1/2 dozen de die now la..3days no need sleep again..coz need help JC do the interface lagi..ngiao..but nvm la..i m good ma..hahaha...

Oh ya..actually my title for my interface is EMPTY FORT STRATEGY

this story is talk about.....

My Title logo

this is my main page
under main page tht 3 are
"character introduction" "Download" and "story introduction"

here is my character introduction

cute boh?

My loading page

Story introduction

so these are my interface design la..wahahaha...^^

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