Saturday, August 30, 2008


This few days look like so BUSY like tht..haha..but also like so FREE like tht

tuesday went out yum cha with ya chee n swee hee oldtown gao gao lo...haha

wednesday decide to relax at home..but SOMEONE asked me go prayer meeting me nvm lo..i can go take my shirt at laundry n take somethings from shu not bad la...thn i mah go lo..haha...asked her come early early....coz scared the laundry close dy ma..apa ini..when she reached my house already 8pm++ lo...closed dy need take already..T_T
nvm la..haha..thn i keep scold her in side the car..not scold la..ZAT

after prayer meeting...thn went to yum cha with siaw ting them..after tht ricky them come to meet oldtown kopitiam also..haha

Thursday go to take my shirt coz last nite din take mah..manatau i ya chee told me no open on thursday..but i almost reach dy lo..apa ini...but nvm find nick for lunch thn find tyng shin practice song for drum...

yorr..sien oh.when i told siaw ting n siao hui oh..they not believed me oh..sien gao gao...nvm la.i also din practice also..coz i the song i wan also don have..thn nvm with tyng shin la..haha...

after tht wait for ah chung fetch us to praise team lo...after praise team..nobody yum cha..coz all busy..thn me n ya chee , tyng shin n ah hao..havent eat we went to oldtown kopitiam took our dinner..haha..oldtown kopitiam we choose oldtown..becoz new open at mentari there..haha..."new come new pork" mah..haha..after oldtown..thn walk to subang ville with tyng gao gao with till 3am...thn slept heart things thr,,wahaha....

Friday wake up at 10am like tht..thn walk back to my house thn back home wash up play cho dee(viwawa)thn sleep again..sleep till 1pm++ wake up...continue play cho dee...haha..after tht go take shirt lo..ah..finally i can get back my shirt..haha...

thn back home continue cho dee again..this few days keep play cho dee oh..haha...coz holiday now...yeah...after tht dinner with siaw ting lo..she sick pity...after dinner back home transfer the video...ngiao...duno wat problem oh...cant transfer oh...sien...waste my time justnow..==|||..nvm cho dee again lo...haha...

so..ths all for my busy/free day la..haha


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Holiday day 8 & 9

Monday 25th ~ yesterday

Whole day at din eat..haha..till nite go to tabao my breakfast+lunch+dinner nasi goreng ayam...haha..after feel like wan to talk many walk to subang ville find siaw ting yum cha n talk gao gao with her..wah..after i finish talk..felt better dy..haha..thn walk back home n chat gao gao n play cho dee gao till 4am like tht just

Tuesday 26th ~ today
this afternoon find ya chee lunch n talk gao gao with her also..haha..really talk gao till 5pm like tht thn find kai rin n talk again....haha...after tht help siaw ting tabao dinner thn suddenly saw cassie at ridzuan thn talk really talk alot oh...

justnow went yum cha with ya chee n swee hee again..haha..we talk gao gao till 1 kisiao dy..

today really talk gao gao..haha


Holiday day 6 & 7

Saturday - faith music..damn tired..coz last nite shooting gao gao..n whole day edit not purposely put siaw ting de aeroplane..haha..coz we decide join saturday nite service together 1...but need to edit the din join lo...haha...but not bad la..the song almost done de lo..haha...

thn nite ate steamboat with ah gao gao oh..cant finish the no need pay more ..haha...really wan vomit dy..haha...

sunday like normal sunday service n play drum...after service go Christian book fair with ricky them...after tht meet ya chee thn walk again..wah..sien dao..u knw la..i don like read book 1..wan walk again..sei lo...haha..after book fair..went to ya chee shop...YAT ZI JEAN LAU TAN...haha..sit till 9.30..tired till die...thn wait bus with jean also...

after tht yum cha with ellie n martin....coz they came here for convo n need back nx yum cha lo....

after yum cha go to find jc to take his figure..haha...coz he need back hometown nx no change lo..just take lo..late late go take..haha..really tired dao bao....when reached home already 2am...==

this few days damn hell...haha...


Holiday day 5

Yeah..22nd august(friday) early wake up 7am waseh..tired till die..haha

1st station - MIKASA

8am reached mikasa..Ah chung n annie's wedding photo are taken at i went there to help them for video shooting lo..n got took photo also..wahah....2 in 1 more thing i need to share..haha...mikasa de toilet so nice n special air 1..wakakaka

cup by MIKASA
and used DIAMOND WATERand the open air toilet

next station - Ulu Yam

1pm reached Ulu Yam...wah..there landscape so alot of good view..haha....shoot gao gao...but damn tired oh..follow up folow down..ohno...tired till die oh..n their photographer is NICK..haha..he look so pro..the lens gao gao n flash gao gao..wao...wish i got it..wahaha..

we got go waterfall there and also field...full of hot ..haha..

the view
hide it..cannot let u guys see 1st..haha
the nx...waterfall
field-full of grass and full of our things..haha it so much

last station - back to MIKASA again

Back to mikasa for studio photo n night tired la..we almost 6pm like tht reached mikasa..wah..tired tired tired..thn need to wait them for the studio shooting...geng..shoot till 10pm like tht.wah..tired dao bao tht went A&W yum cha thn back home..almost 12am like tht reached home..waliu..damn tired..nx day need go faith music lagi..haha...tired tired tired...

After shooting_the last photo of the day..haha

but so happy la..haha..coz 1st time follow a pro photographer go shooting n learn alot of things from him..haha..n no regret..haha..yeah

YA>>>THATS ME..hahaha


Holiday day 4

wow..long time din update my blog dy..haha..miss me?wakakaka....

start here....

21st august(thursday)

edit video for sunday service(ah chung)

night...went to ah chung house n slept there 1 nite..haha...coz nx day morning need go to help ah chung shooting...
YEAH!!i love shooting

charge charge charge n prepare for tomorrow shooting..haha..

charge list
-video cam
-digital cam
-laptop + ipod

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holiday day 3

today went to college find darren.wah..coz kena otp..sien la..need draw figure gao gao again..12 pieces oh...aih..i kena otp is bcoz lazy draw hell..==||

somemore need to pay rm200 lagi oh..wah..almost pok gai need pay rm200 lagi...kill me la..haha

after tht back home play my stress..haha...thn go pasar malam buy my dinner....coz just behind my house only ma..haha..

finish my dinner thn wait for alvin fung come to fetch us to share group at McD....thn finish share group suddenly got uncle come to us n said many things..bla bla bla...he said..religion la..wat la wat dao..haha..

ohya..the most unforgettable things today is...our dear siaw ting drive oh..she fetch us back..wah..thank god...we can safety back home..haha....


Holiday day 2

yesterday went to mid valley with nick jason n jeremy..we eat at the food ourt there..wah...hard to eat dao..somemore so expensive shit oh...rm9.45..u see....
fried rice,drumstick,egg,eggplant..wah....although it is so many shit la..yorr..if nice nvm la..haha....
after tht watch movie...La funny..damn like nice to watch..haha...laugh till die worth to watch..

n the most funny is SAFE SEX

after tht thn back sunway eat at 3JC..nah.this 1 is just a food mah..not like afternoon..haha...
curry mee...nice gao gao....

when i reach home thn wait fot alvin fung come to fetch me..he fetch me n siaw ting go to kl..coz carol came kl for tht nite we accompany her to kl...yeah~~

thn back home edit the stupid song..tired dao...but finally still can see the result la..haha...


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ohno..duno wat happen again..cant sleep oh...6am now...damn tired but cant sleep...wah..sien dao...pray pray pray ah~~~~

Holiday day went to taylor mook leng many leng lui oh....hmm...but y the one....aih..haha.nola..nola..haha...

after taylor thn back ridzuan yum cha thn go subang ville watch dvd at jason hse....haha...suddenly found out some funny pic in jason hp..haha

thn wait for lee jie fetch me n go praise team..i put all my stuff inside lee jie car...din bring down..when the practice end thn lee jie back all my staff left in lee jie car..ohno....sien key oh....nvm la..take with her on saturday la..haha

after tht yum cha at Mcd again.....yorr..actually i don 1 eat 1..but i help sook ching bought it...thn she don 1 dy.becoz got some reason...thn count lo...i just eat it lo.apa ini..i told them but they not trust me o..sien oh....feel disappointed oh..feel rejected oh...n the funny sook ching keep play my a small child like tht..haha...make my burger became like a bday cake


Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today damn tired..after chinese service thn lunch after lunch thn went to visit hui ling..she look so pity ..haha..but she still can talk laugh..haha..she so funny..after visited hui ling thn we went to eat ice at ice monster...haha..finish ice thn go to lee jie house watch badminton..wah..sien dao~~~lee chung wei lost oh...lost gao gao o..gv lin dan goreng gao gao...really sien...waste my time to watch oh..coz i damn tired today..i can use the time to sleep gao gao oh..sien..disappointed o..Booo~~~~~~


SIAO victor part 2

Oh yeah..y i put this title as siao victor part 2 leh?haha...

the story is start like tht....
erm..b4 tht..i wan share my day 1st..haha...

this afternoon english with chincese faith music combine happy..coz alot of a jungle..wakaka...somemore the ice breaker is the siao victor lead tim...haha..u say die boh?haha...

after faith music..thn we went to bak kut teh eat gao gao..damn full...full till praise n worship tht time wan to jump also cannot o..wan vomit o..haha..n the most happy thing is i bring fanny to church justnow..haha..after service thn drive bao jing car fetch her to yum cha together...2 of us talk gao gao o..haha..many things to talk..cant stop oh..till bao jing sms "COME BAC" thn we just back lo..haha...

after tht yum cha at ah boy...saw rick them..thn we also talk alot of "FUNNY" things..haha..really laugh till die oh...the most funny 1 is....actually we want yum cha only de..thn we saw sam roti look so nice..thn order lo..thn saw danny kungfu kui tiao so nice also..wah..danny SUPER WHITE today oh..haha..thn order make us eat supper again la..haha...

finish yum cha..thn jovina said want come my house take her things...victor fetch her came.. we start the siao victor

when victor reached my home n he said..hey i 1st time came uir house oh...we must take picture mah....apa ini..zadao..haha..thn i just take la..haha...the victor really siao..if i become like him i duno will how ah...hahaahhahahhhahahh

here is the photo we took


Friday, August 15, 2008

Tag Game

Kena Tagged by travin

so here goes.
1. Where is your cell phone?
On my bed

2. Your significant other?
wat is this?

3. Your hair?
quite handsome..haha

4. Your mother?
leng lui

5. Your father?
leng zai

6. Your favorite thing?

7. Your dream last night?
dream my dream girl..haha

8. Your favorite drink?
cold drinks..

9. Your dream/goal?
become a famous designer n musician

10. The room you’re in?
my damn hot room

11. Your hobby?
drum , guitar , shooting n TALK

12. Your fear?

13. Where do you want to be in six years?
become a famous designer n musician

14. What you’re not?
i m not gay

15. Muffins?

16. One of your wish list items?

17. Where you grew up?

18. The last thing you did?
play electric guitar

19. What are you wearing?

20. Favorite gadget?

21. Your pets?
EX puppy Bambi

22. Your computer?
so it so much.haha

23. Your mood?
abit sien n abit moody now

24. Missing someone?

25. Your car?
rapid kl,metro bus,taxi

26. Something you’re not wearing?
shoe n cap

27. Favourite store?
duno o...

28. Like someone?

29. Your favourite colour?
purple n white(purple white)

30. When is the last time you laughed?
justnow 4pm like tht..

31. Last time you cried?
wah..long time lo..few month gua..haha

I tag:
Kim Loong

EG back..YEAH!!!

this morning went to college meet yenny..she said me talk too much in class deduct my marks oh...sob sob...

after meet yenny thn movie with pat MEAT TRAIN..nice...coz long time din watch horror movie dy..haha..

horror enough?-70%

after tht went to pudu take my guitar..wah.....alot of wrong way..funny dao..yeah..took back my guitar dy..happy...can play gao gao..haha..but the uncle make FLOWER my guitar..yorr..sien diao oh..

after tht went to chicken buffet...wakakaka....chicken buffet again..
[(patrick..sorry..din eat with u.coz it is sudenly want to eat 1..hehe)actually patrick keep ask me to eat with him 1,.but i said so sien n expensive...hehe)]soli soli.....
and saw Jpang,Victor Da Lee n Jo Jo Jovina..but they din saw us...sob sob...

after tht praise team,,

after praise team yum cha...

after yum cha back home chit chat n blog...

after blog....see la..if tired thn sleep la..haha..


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Desa Park City went to Desa Park City..travin come to fetch me thn go thr to meet cherly...haha...wah..thr so big n nice view....really big n it so much...haha..

reached there thn went to big apple bought donut...haha..we bought durian flavor 1...haha..later go secret recipe order durian delight lagi..haha..coz we like to eat durian..
wakaka..order wat wat lemon tea justnow..wah..damn sour..ohno..y i order coz the photo look so nice ..manatau is so sour 1..haha..thn got eat some again..

after lunch thn walk around at the waterfront there..

yorr....sien oh..travin din said got alot of nice view oh..n din ask me to bring camera....sien nvm la...we follow cherly car n wait her fetch us go big ah...there got alot of rich people live driving skill geng oh..really ah..i want vomit in the car dy..haha...after finish talk talk n see see thn back home lo..haha....

decide to watch movie tonite..but some of them not free..thn canceled lo..haha

thn stay at home edit photo gao gao

thn went pasar malamwith my lovely roommate..he said wan walk the whole pasar malam.wah...nvm la.but other site there got sell fish 1 o..wah..don la..smelly die
thn count la..i better buy byself thn back home byself la..haha...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shooting Day

Today damn happy..shooting whole day after submition...yeah..damn syok..haha..

1st we gather at toa(but we at toa already 1 la..hehe) went to Mg eat vegetarian...erm..the food....don say here la..haha...

finish eat thn go inside travin car..we used the GPS to guide us to pulau indah..apa ini..really make us die oh..finally we found out byself..wahahaha

oh ya..this shooting trip got travin , patrick , jeng chyuan , cherly , jamie n zermi

6 of us - 3boy 3girl = table for 6...wahahaha....

after pulau indah thn round a big big circle thn go to batu cave..

pulau indah so beautiful n comfortable

batu cave nice but food bad

this is the GPS make us die...
not die la..half die like tht lo..haha

start shoot at
pulau indah

thank to the photographers who shoot me..haha
haha..i like cute..i keep said
yorr this 1 so cute oh..keep saying..they also cant tahan dy..wakaaka

what do u guys think for this pose?

travin edited

YEAH_pulau indah


after pulau indah
nx station
batu cave

welcome to batu cave
my birth_1988
the last step 272

wa all order fresh coconut
my "NICE" meal..bluek

play shadow

travin shoot_kacau kacauING

yeah....6 of fook



waseh..damn hot this few days....sien day...cant sleep oh...if got air con good oh..waliu..tmr need go to college sumbition lagi..aiyo..sien oh..want early wake up thn cant sleep now...wah...the most sien things ah....


Photoshop again n again dy..too play photoshop again....wakakaka


Friday, August 8, 2008

HOLIDAYSSS!!!!! is the last presentation for design method..wahaha...damn free n happy..can fly dy..yeah!!!

dunno y oh...justnow presentation so nervous oh..1st time i felt nervous oh..last time so enjoy 1 oh..yorrr...but finally gao dim dy la..haha....thank god!!

-interface design-





but still got submition on tuesday..but is submit only la..haha...n the CMYK print out dy...haha..but duno wat happen problem..many dot dot oh...sien dao..just mine 1 got problem only oh..others classmate no problem 1 o...yorrr..sien dao...haha... is the CMYK print for CGPP 1...ANG ANG ANG~~~