Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pshit Ymax

what the..cannot online again..wah..the Pshit Ymax really...really...aih..i nth to say..i think is time to change...

tht day make me happy awhile..tot can online dy..but now totally cant online..wah....always go cc..already pok kai make me more pok kai...deng~~

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wiii~~~~~"Everybody Duda Dey"

Wii~~can online finally...haha....but the line still remain the worst thn last time..even google also need to wait long time to load it..wat the~~~i think is time to change~~aih~~see how

btw...we had join the wii competition in team name very funny...our team name is

"everybody sing a song duda duda, everybody sing a song oh du da dey"
ngek ngek ngek~~

"Everybody Sing A Song"
= Jason,Nick,Kae Wen,Franz

= Travin,Cherly,Jacob and Zermi

"Oh~Da Da Dey~"
= Patrick,Jamie,Felicia,Shen Yu

oh shit~~now my line more Disconnected..need to connect back just can post it..deng~~~

Additional Part
Actually i m first time played wii...hehe..felt very syok when playing the boxing game(can hit n punch people without punishment)..hahaha..and luckily we all won in the 1st round..err~~'we all' is mean "everybody sing a song duda duda,everybody sing a song oh du da dey"..ngek ngek..i think is not luckily la..i believe is our professional skill..hahha...but when go in the 2nd round..deng~~lost dy wah....lost to "everybody sing a song.....apa ini..(aiyo..wei peow..if got next time..draw us don so fast meet ma) difficult for us to fight each team finally the winner is not 3 of us..and the winner for the wii competition is . . . . . i also duno actually..the result will post it at TOA website i think..haha...check out our school's website la..haha...btw..felt wan to buy a Wii to play..haha..

*piupiu..i want the box*..ngek ngek~~ RICE

Monday, May 25, 2009


Deng~~until now also cant online..what a Pshit Ymax...==

need to wait 14days..deng~~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Wow.. so is the most dulan day n beh song day in this year i think..

a happy moment become a ONE MAN SHOW??our happy moment control by "?"

erm~~~i just wan to shout out my beh song only..haha..k already now....ngek ngek..


Friday, May 15, 2009

Sabah trip video

Yeah...finally i have done the sabah trip video..our trip is so wonderful..haha.."song eh"~~
the video make me few days cannot change la..coz i already promised that need to done at 15th may...finally..done..ngek ngek....

so these are the video i edited and

sabah trip 2009 part 1

sabah trip 2009 part 2

sabah trip 2009 part 3

sabah trip 2009 part 4

sabah trip 2009 part 5

enjoy the video...haha

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finally . .

Finally ITEL was end...yeah...tired tired and tired...actually i got learn a lot of things in ITEL and do the thing i never do
  • 1st time be usher to serve people(is not easy)...The head counter somemore..@@
  • 1st time joined 3 services
  • train my leadership
  • how to counsel people
  • need to memorize(long time didnt memorize something)
  • exam without open book..T_T
  • and many more
so tired..coz long time didnt wake up early also..7something need to wake up already..(O.0)
beside that still got 2 exam oh..(@.@)..wah~~study in TOA ++-- also got 2 years dy..also never feel nervous when i taking exam..but this ITEL test make me stress gao gao..coz cannot open book..haha..somemore we can write some small note and bring in to the examination..but church cannot..coz got a big cross there..hahahahaha..pastor said
"GOD will forgive us"...yeah~~~
"BUT will deduct our mark"..==
but finally ther exam so easy only jek..fill in the is the last day and the last lesson i learn is "O"..

O matter what they say u also "O"

and the last...we are the 72....yeah~~~~