Friday, May 29, 2009

Wiii~~~~~"Everybody Duda Dey"

Wii~~can online finally...haha....but the line still remain the worst thn last time..even google also need to wait long time to load it..wat the~~~i think is time to change~~aih~~see how

btw...we had join the wii competition in team name very funny...our team name is

"everybody sing a song duda duda, everybody sing a song oh du da dey"
ngek ngek ngek~~

"Everybody Sing A Song"
= Jason,Nick,Kae Wen,Franz

= Travin,Cherly,Jacob and Zermi

"Oh~Da Da Dey~"
= Patrick,Jamie,Felicia,Shen Yu

oh shit~~now my line more Disconnected..need to connect back just can post it..deng~~~

Additional Part
Actually i m first time played wii...hehe..felt very syok when playing the boxing game(can hit n punch people without punishment)..hahaha..and luckily we all won in the 1st round..err~~'we all' is mean "everybody sing a song duda duda,everybody sing a song oh du da dey"..ngek ngek..i think is not luckily la..i believe is our professional skill..hahha...but when go in the 2nd round..deng~~lost dy wah....lost to "everybody sing a song.....apa ini..(aiyo..wei peow..if got next time..draw us don so fast meet ma) difficult for us to fight each team finally the winner is not 3 of us..and the winner for the wii competition is . . . . . i also duno actually..the result will post it at TOA website i think..haha...check out our school's website la..haha...btw..felt wan to buy a Wii to play..haha..

*piupiu..i want the box*..ngek ngek~~ RICE


weipeow said...

that's all?

i aspect more from this post. post more about the event la.

too bad i wasn't there.

z - rIce said...

haha..wrote more dy..really happy n enjoy today~~organize more~~ngek ngek

z - rIce said...

btw..u busy apa this afternoon?i knw y our team will lost u no wonder the "SOUL" not "HIGH" enough...hahahahaha

weipeow said...

HAHAHA... wat the!...
i was in class that afternoon.

too bad.

J.C said...

LOL...zermi ur mouth sweet gao gao ar!!! hahahahah...