Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Hei Fatt Choi

Happy Chinese new year and gong xi fa chai....

this year cny so boring..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


That day felt too we decided go for shooting...we cherly, felicia and i went to KLIA and KLCC for




Class 6 Gathering

Class 6 gathering and also celebrate jason birthday in the same time...haha..actually jason bday is at 28th jan but we celebrate early la..haha..

so we having steamboat at my enjoy becoz all of us are also fan cheong...crazy and rock together..haha..

having our steamboat

Son Son birthday cake
have a nice day~~

---------- we are ~ CD075-6
(sorry . the background spoiled)

and yeah...preparing my heart and back tawau later..(21st . 5pm)


Photo Shooting

Here are the photo i took in travin house..those photo are shoot for experiment for photography class...hehe..give some comments..

and thanks to travin anf jason to be my model , thanks to alvin borrow his guitar and saxophone to me...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Web Design 2 . Progress 2

This is my moodboard

My client website is a.e.i.o.u (

that mean i wan to redesign the this website.This company products is about gift and present.

Since 1996, we have flourished with more than 10 years of experience in stationery and gift products for both local and international markets.

Their product range carries a myriad of handmade cards designed for all occasions, from birthdays to auspicious wedding days to a simple thank you or a personal 'I love you'. They even have cards tailored to fit your specific theme or event, paying close attention from the ideal paper down to the specific message engraved within your greetings. In addition, they also produce unique hard boxes to package your heartfelt token in all shapes and sizes.

They also have a lot of client
eg :

Wedding Cards Corporate seasonal card
Malaysia Airport-Eraman
C.H. Food Marketing
Jusco Lavard (The Baklava Shop)
Maurice Lacroix
Shean Delamore & Co
Miss Oriental Pearl
Keith Kee

The New Version

Adobe CS4..rock man...

My dear time to change...hahaha


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Web Design 2 . Progress

Client Websit

-not user friendly
-Don't know which link can like to the product
-those link not look like
-click the event chooser but nothing are working.

---------------------------- ----------

1 . wrap and gift

-so simple, look so boring
-the text too long...feel so lazy to read it..
-didnt play with hierarchy


2 . S & J

-layout design is not bad
-but not user friendly..when click to the product cant link back to the homepage
-over roll not bad so user frenly..

3 . Noel

-when 1st look in boring and too many text
-look not professional
-no hierarchy

4 . Blool

-the color not bad..sui for the shop
-consistent but typo not good...coz look so messy

commercial website
1 . Coca Cola

-this website so interesting..
-graphic and motion so nice
-the text place in a dialog that will extract people read it


2 . Pepsi

-color so consistent
-layout so trendy
-the loading page got some graphic so that will not boring when waiting
-use alot of flash in it
-user friendly

3 . Fujitsu

-this is a china website
-the style so interesting coz use pencil line to draw it to became a navigation
-they use compass to make the navigation i think is because compass is created from china
-look not boring..

4 . Samsung
-it is the most interesting website i search it..cause all of the interactive are using flash and mouse roll over effect
-user frenly
-feel want to buy the product

HTML code library


Design Tutorials

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"HAPPY" new year

YEAH~~~So "HAPPY"...last saturday n sunday come out enjoy with branden n jack....haha...tawau frens...really long time no see....wah.....n long time didnt speak hakka dy....felt so warm when talked

saturday nite we ate steamboat eat kao kao hours we ate thn watch movie..after movie..we long kai(drive the car fly here fly there)..we drive up to the small genting there....took photo there...sien..brough tripot also useless..coz too many malay guy danger...after tht back home n thn they slept in my house...

sunday morning they fetch me to church ..after church then meet them again...went pyramid hang kai..after pyramid thn walk pasar malam..both pasar malam we also happy..long time didnt felt so happy bought alot of food n brough to my home ate together...yeah~~~happy happy.....

here is the photo i played around in the small with slow shutter speed and bulb..


Monday, January 5, 2009

1st day

2nd year 3rd term is started is the 1st day class..felt so happy preparing my heart now...yeah...wish me all the best la..


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Play Around

can see what is it?nvm..actually i also dont know what is it..just play is my mother bday...happy birthday mummy