Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Am I The One?


I think . . . Is time to make decision . . .

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Tree Friends


[Happy Tree Friends](jason , Johnson , zermi)

saturday(15/11)last nite..actually we tot last nite was the HUNK we prepare..thn we double comfirm the date n we saw tht the date was 16/11 sunday

thn nvm we(happy tree friends) decided to go the curve la..ate meat ball in ikea and watched movie..we watched GP506..really a nice movie..u guys can watch it..really a korean movie..thn back home la..

sunday(16/11)today..woke up early..n went to ah chung and annie's registration..for video recording..haha...thn went to oldtown have our breakfast..haha..thn go chinese service..after chinese service(church) went to lunch...after lunch wait for the HUNKS night in euphoria MOS with happy tree friends..

YAW~~~shout shout nice..i mean inside the love the alot of wuntie..wakakaka alot of leng lui judges...haha..

congratulation :
Tawau boy(lee kok yang)~~
the 12 winners


Saturday, November 15, 2008


Sien~~today went to college for presentation..but suddenly said no need present just briefing only..coz we need to go for the PAUL wat also duno wht his a designer..sien lo..tht mean today i go to college is useless 1..just go for the talk..

so conclusion is friday n saturday attend the typo class is = no use..coz no need me to friday just present u say typo DIE BOH?

sien dao~~sick because of sleepless...hmm~~~


Friday, November 14, 2008

Typo Presentation(Sense n feel)


Today went to college for Typo presentation..hiu~~~forgot bring my file oh...sien dao~~so by force stay in class n listen for classmate presentation only lo..thn tmr need go to college present again...yorr..sien gao gao o...haiz..last nite do until like hell...but din present for today also..haiz..

So..this is my artwork~~


After presentation watch Madagascar 2...haha...nice nice funny...must watch....


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Photos Editing~


Keep edit edit edit and edit..wakakakaka...
Play with any effect..yeah..syok~~~


Ah chung chung - edit for fun

Up Up Upload~~~~
Not Fish Eye / Wide Angle
But Photoshop...==
Patrick :Owh~~~~Feel it and I'm lovin it..
Colourful lighting
Play with Shutter Speed


My New Hair..


Monday, November 10, 2008

Islamic Art Museum

Islamic Art Museum Photos~~~

-------------------------------------------- blogspot*..hehe blogspot*..hehe

That day really tired tired and damn tired~~~lol...


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Web Design Project 2 Progress

This is my web design project 2..
click the photo to enlarge
My homepage -
The calendar is a navigation and u rollover will got the words come out n for u to click it..
Blue color mean u can click it n go inside the other page

-preparation photos
-xmas eve photos
u can view the photos when we are doing the preparation and during the xmas party
the date at the bottom there u can scroll it to choose ur date and click it...
How To Make
-Video Clip
-Cd Cover
-Xmas Gift
here are the tutorial...

-Contact me
-My Profile
can know more about me and also can contact me through here
u can view my artwork and also can download in this 2 pages..
This 1 so the video..the video is about our Christmas party

here are my got any problem or not understand 1..can ask me...and please leave comment to me

ps : all of the page's date are havent change thedate yet..the date are wrong 1...n i also will add some graphic for the background..that mean haven complete yet...this just a




Friday, November 7, 2008

Merry RiceMas

Waiting for X'mas . . . .


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh Yeah~~

Oh yeah~~finally i can online already..this few days cant online coz the modem damaged..

this few days so tired and also sleepless...coz of project..and finally i gao dim my IC,atm card and also phone card..but car license havent renew yet..coz time problem,and thx tyng shin accompany walk till die tht time...and i used back my old number ...

all the numbers i saved are please forgive me if i duno who r u ya..haha..and please give me your number to me ya..thanks..


Monday, November 3, 2008

My college


Today i just realize MY COLLEGE is so PITY in KL~~~as a design school, fecilities not good enough(bad)

1st i want to complaine is the computer~~although now MY COLLEGE change alot of computer already..but mm lab 2's computer all like shit~~ram just 1gb performance to work oh..always hang kei..i still remember when i doing flash tht time..suddenly hang kei..siao~~~

2nd....the auditorium look like so good n big..but the stupic mac really beh tahan already..last time we need to transfer a file size around 1gb like tht..waliu..need use 10minutes++..siao...presentation leh..lec said need to deduct our marks..but luckily our work we safe la..haha..

3rd...the projector always got problem the IT department they came thn touch touch click click around 2hours like tht ..thn finally just know tht screw problem(just a small case)

Hmm~~~ y i will post this is becoz this afternoon chit chat with fren n talk about with L.K.W. and M.U. ..our college are so



Sunday, November 2, 2008

Humour vs Lame Joke

Today Joined morning english up early and thn listen for Rev. George Ong..he is a humour guy..ngam lo...this term most of my project are doing i can learn alot of thing from him..haha..

after service..thn lunchED with victor, JasonPang, and Gracy...because today talked about humor so when also continue our topic during lunch but not humor already is LAME...hahaha...keep talking lame joke...

1st - 3 of them keep talk about me~~~about. . . =.=" . . . sien~~~So tht is Lame for me...hahaha

2nd - Since the Timun Zai ask me to promote i will promote him here(promote sudah ya)... Because he like to eat timun(cucumber)..keep eating keep keep we call him as TIMUN ZAI - Lame 2

3rd - although THIS GUY is nothing to talk about him..but i also wanna post him because of "THIS GUY"....hahah Lame 3

So thats all for the humor and lame joke for today~~~