Monday, June 30, 2008

Home Alone

Oh ho...home lovely roommate back hometown dy..2 weeks later just back..ohno...damn sien now..nobody ask me question gao gao dy..coz my roommate like to ask somethings 1..coz he is high C...wah..sien just can do assignments n chatting only...really want kisiao dy..!!

Tired day again!!

Yesterday play english service..waseh...want damn early wake up..==|||..6.40am++ want wake up dy..ohno..damn tired ah..hmm..yesterday played not so good..all english song..abit hard to feel the song..haha....n ending got abit mistake..ohno...but nvm la..still can improved nx time la..haha..

after english service around 12pm..thn go to meet evon them ..Ah ya..thx victor fetch me to he said no need thx him but need help him to promote his is victor blog support them edit video clip..wah..damn tired...n meet at nando's..waliu..i duno order wat things oh..ngiao..hard to eat man...duno wat is tht..really wanna vomit oh..aih..nx time don eat tht again..haha...thn wait for judy come n start edit at McD..hmm....damn

after edit..wait for ah fung come...thn he want to McD again..haha..thn just accompany him to eat la...apa some beh song things..wat the...the kakak said the Mcd card oh..cannot share share..apa ini..order 1 set dy thn cannot use already..apa ini..really stupid kakak..stupid gao gao o...still remember last time at kfc the kakak so nice compare with mcd kakak..really yaosiu..haha....

after finish Mcd..thn back home sleep awhile..thn ready to halo bao jing act stupid girl so funny...haha...if in real life really need to punch her dy..wahahaha...really kisiao...nola...say for fun la...n saw her sing n dance n graduate congratulation to her la...after tht..back home do my ASSignmentss..aih...sien dao..really no mood to do n lazy do decide to sleep awhile...manatau.."one sleep jiu sleep gao gao"...sleep till 4am+++ wake up n set alarm thn do assignment in this morning..wah..tired dao....but finally can done la..haha...thn tonite no need slepp again...yeah!!!!do the damn typo..yeah!!!


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nick bday at Cocobanana

Last nite celebrated bday with cocobanana..

Member -
siu Keong-
Zhuo Yu-
Eric (almost end just come)-

`no cake`
`no present`
`just chivas`


environment still ok la..

when we reached thn open chivas...apa place wah..ngiao.thn need share table with la..we not always at the table also..thn go stage dance small...

early early like tht leng lui cham oh..all elephant ah...king kong ah..haha...thn slow slow oh..go suddenly got many leng lui came out many OL...wahaha..n no LALA also..haha..

coz we celebrate nick bday tht day we kon nick drink gao gao..haha..finally he was drunk..nyak nyak nyak nyak......but duno y..jamie will drunk gao gao last nite nick n jamie drunk only..yeah..i no drunk...wakakaka...

after cocobanana thn go subaidah yum cha...

after tht back home sleep gao gao...yeah...

thts all


nick drunk gao gao


Thursday, June 26, 2008

YEAH! ! for ?

Wow..last nite 1st time practice with english service,becoz i replace the hard..many things to play...sometimes build up sometime low down..ohno..sien dao..this sunday morning service need to play dy..but still got many part duno how to play n watever la...ohno...aih...nvm la..gambateh lah..haha..

last nite got practice 2 set...1 is sunday service n 1 is for tonite prayer syok man..although just practice 1-2hours like tht..but still ok la..thn justnow play gao gao..yeah....i felt happy for tht...rock man..wahahah...hope my drum skill can become pro pro la..haha...yeah!!

Owh..need continue my flash dy..waliu..tmr need show 30% animation..yeah..wait die now..haha...gambatehING now..kakaka

YEAH!! i want pok gai dy..yeah!!!

YEAH!! i no need sleep tonite...yeah!!

YEAH!! i wnat die dy..yeah!!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Design Method presentation

finally finish the presentation...haha...but got some problem..some mistaken..ohno..1 of my poster oh...the logo terbalik already oh..ohno...thn i damn stress tht time..thn i think think think..try to think n idea to solve my problem..

Ahh..finally i have said tht i purposely ngam my tht poster is FREEDOM..thn i said i purposely make it terbalik becoz freedom i turn it lo..but lecturer said..cant accept this oh...thn she ask...u purposely or mistaken?hehe..thn i my my 2nd media also the same problem..thn i solve solve solve again..thn all my classmate laugh lo...wahaha..

so...finally lecturer asked me to change it back thn send the correct 1 to

u see u see!!

after presentation thn we went to pyramid see 2 leng lui show girl from leng lui o.....wahaha....

after see leng lui..thn back siaw ting hse n wait for tonite share group lo...tonite our share group at pyramid..we ate at pyramid n watch the hulk...wah..nice dao bao oh...all of my fren..must watch it oh..haha...

oh ya...b4 dinner..we got go see leng lui modal also..thn took pic with them..luckly patrick them still thr....thn ask patrick help us take pic..hehe

Share group n leng lui show girl


Friday, June 20, 2008

Tired -.-

Ngam ngam done my powerpoint n arrangement for design method tired n sleepy now..

damn tired..last nite praise team practice...JH suddenly said need me backup him..ohno..i apa pun tak ada learn change lo..hard hard come lo..waliu...this week play cha cha oh..wa..kisiao..damn hard n also 1st time play cha cha oh..aih...really so many bass drum to leg damn tired oh..almost cant stand n walk oh..haha...damn tired..

after practice they said go yum cha thn direct stay at there watch football till 5am..waliu..kisiao..damn tired dy oh..coz last last nite din sleep oh..y din sleep?thn need say thx to travin i don 1 lo..decide to do my powerpoint last nite 1...but when i come back home oh..feel sleepy n tired..thn sleep gao gao just wake up in the morning n do it la..ngiao..apa ini..7.30++ suddenly wake up..thn cant sleep back dy..ohno..thn do my powerpoint n arrangement la..haha....

Yeah!! Present later..hope we will present smooth smooth la..haha...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

2nd Media for my poster 2nd Media done...all are apply in clubbing u guys understand whr/wat i apply la..wakakaka..

Yeah Yeah...Happy Happy!!

4 poster for design method

these are my 4 poster..yeah...finally have do the 2nd media...haiz...damn tired..

Title : Wonderful world
Theme : Instrument


1st - saxophone - the sound of freedom

2nd - piano - life is colourful

3rd - electric guitar - rhythm bring out your joy n rapture

4th - drum - find ur dream by playing ur favourite instrument


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Peter & Rinny Wedding

Yeah..congratulation to peter n happy saw walk in the church..feel so hapiness..haha..


-i wear purple white that day..
-and also video man that day..

1st time be video nervous n stress coz never get this job b4....some more that is their memory lagi..ohno..if i i shoot not good oh..will spoil their sweet memory n become sour memory i keep pray pray pray..haha..thank smooth that day...but oh..die 1 part i din shoot they need to give their parent "yum cha" tht moment..ohno..sei lo....really feel so sorry oh..ohno....bcoz oh..they "yum cha" tht time oh..i eating at downstair oh..ohno..more die oh...aih..sien lo.....

haha..same colour....all of them saw us n took siao dao...haha

Wedding Dinner

Yeah..dinner time....tht nite got some performance..ya chee singing ..bao jing n joyceline busy n tired tht time..coz i taking the video cam non stop oh..make my hand became L shape dy..waliu..just eat wbit only oh..luckly table member got left some food for me...haha..

Peter & Rinny Wedding


17 June = damn hot day

waliu..taoday damn hot oh..ngiao....want sleep also hard oh..apa ini...damn damn damn hot oh..really hot dao bao oh..waseh...mao lit oh..damn tired now...some more laosai this few days oh..duno eat what things oh..keep laosai oh..really laosai gao gao oh..sien dao....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Damn SIEN 的一天

ohno..justnow..this afternoon..damn sien n dan hot.waliu..really duno wan do wat oh..assignment als no mood do o...thn got bed also cant sleepin oh...the song also lazy to listen oh..really sien till die oh..thn my lovely roommate asked me go chicken buffet lo...waliu...really sien dao bao o....chicken buffet again o...siao liao meh..thn i keep say NO NO NO..finally i follow him to eat chicken bufet dy...coz really damn sien now felt not sien dy...coz need to rush assignment oh..coz ah,rush assignment just will do 1 o..some more we must do asignment at nite 1 h...if do in the day time ah..sure cant do 1..u saysi bo?coz ah..ourasignment is 不见的光 later need to rush assignment la..coz tmr needto present dy..if not i also wont do 1..kakaka

Typography ii

these are all my typography design...apa ini..just approved one only..



Typo...really make me kisiao...

Typo = Diepo


but oh..i do do down fun de woh..can put the position wat u like....

just simple used some alphabet thn can gao dim dy..wahaha

U guys can see how many alphabets inside?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Moral Presentation

Yeah!!..thank God...Today moral smooth..haha..our topic is "drug abuse"...but we got a groupmate so sad today oh...coz the photo she design din display it oh.yorr....sien oh.. is the photo she boh?gv her a comment ya...wakakaka
n here is my video for the moral presentation...


for more video please click here


i love my roommate!! 3.37am dy..wat lovely dear roommate don let me sleep, i ready to sleep dy..apa ini...he keep ask me question..thn i answer dy n continue sleep...thn he ask again..apa ini..tmr 9.30am got class lagi..aih..sien dao..keep ask me the same question..answer him dy..thn ask again..really pa lu kisiao gao gao oh..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ohno..My super white pant!!!!

apa ini...yesterday went to faith music....thn when finish dy..i went to downstair n saw cedric doing somethings thn i go to help him lo..apa ini..when he pass the things to me ah..he suddenly but not purposely la...suddenly hit the cup n full of coffee thn the cup of pour on my super white pant....ohno...sien hurd super white pant became coffee pant dy..ohno...

NAH ... SEE!!

House Blessing(06/06/08)

Yeah..that day got house blessing with those housemates n my church many ppl..we bbq tht nite..n i prepare water tht day..tht day so rush..coz we got moral i said ohno..not enough time dy..thn i asked travin..fetch me go buy water for the bbq and also buy Siaw Ting' bday cake...thn travin so good..wah..she fetch me n accompany buy those things fetch me buy those things thn she back her home take the container lagi tim..thn fetch me back my home again..u knw la..from ridzuan go to my hse so far 1 la..wah..really touched good o her....really duno want thx her how many time o..wahaha...when i reached house i continue my things in my house lo..prepare all the water n waiting for the house blessing share group come late wah..haiz..nvm least they got come..thn good la...wakakaka...thn we decide to have a share group in outside lo..coz carol came back dy we want have more deep with carol lo..some more kenny is here too..wahahaha...we went macd eat drink talk n share..haha....finally i din have join the bbq with

in the same also siaw ting we plan to have a celebration in my house during the house blessing..manatau change plan dy..coz we need to have share group in outside..haha...thn nvm la...we think think think..ahh...thn we asked cassie to help us take the cake to her house 1st...thn we just plan how to celebrate la..after tht ngam carol need to see siaw ting new we got reason to go up her house lo..wahaha..thn we can celebrate at siaw ting hse...when reached her hse..alvin go to his house to take the present,in the same time,i prepare the cake n gv surprise to siaw ting..haha...finally our plan so smooth..can gv siaw ting a big surprise..n alvin put the present in the corner n din tell her,coz wa want wait siaw ting to see it byself ma..manatau she din see n we back home she just saw it thn just call us..apa ini..

Happy bday to Janet Hiew SIAW Ting__


Saturday, June 7, 2008



今天是我最伤心的一天,我妈妈终于都去KK了..有很依依不舍的感觉!好想哭!!喔~不时刚才我和妈妈都有泪光!!哈哈!!都不敢哭出来..来因为不收不到回来~~嘻嘻~~!然后吃了早餐,Thn 我妈妈的朋友就载她上机场了!!好不舍的哦!!很伤心tim..没有的跟妈妈一起讲心事咯~~妈妈在的时候都每天不回家..每次妈妈问

妈 : 今天有回来吃饭吗?妈妈煮了饭和汤哦!
米 : 哦!不要咯!没空哦!没有时间!

不是就星期是有Praise Team,回不到妈妈家吃饭..因为妈妈是在星期四 On leave吗!!所以妈妈就讲有时间就回来咯!妈妈很想你哦!!haizZ...先在想到都觉得很内疚,很没用!!先在妈妈去KK了..才来说这些东西..没用了咯!先在才后悔..HaizZ~~

Ohno!现在没有妈妈汤 咯!缺少母爱了..所以现在要找一个女朋友来..Wagagagaga~~然后就有女朋友的爱了咯!..哈哈!!



Friday, June 6, 2008

2nd poster for Design Method

My 2nd poster for Design Method

The instrument i used for my 2nd poster is saxaphone


Thursday, June 5, 2008

1st poster for Design Method

Yeah..i just finish design my 1st poster for Design Method

Title : Wonderful World
Theme : Instrument

My concept for this poster is Technology n also futuristic effect

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sony A300

Yo my TOA classmate and frenzZ...i saw this cam like so pro like tht woh..but is sony woh..haha..coz u knw la..we are canon n nikon u guys will change target to buy sony or not o?wakakaka

Transparent EG

Justnow edit my blog i find some picture lo..thn i found a transparent electric yeng oh..i like the colour..n hope to get it too..wakakaka...

My New Banner Design new banner happy..finally got tht mood to design my blog happy..this banner concept is base on my hobbies and my favourite..i like video , drum , electric guitar n also design n i apply all my favourite inside my banner lo...yeah!!


Amazing Grace Movie

Yo my dear friendzZ....

I just found a nice movie ( Amazing Grace ) n the song so touched...
I think this movie is good for ur real life..
Now got showing in GSC..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beijing Welcome You [MV] 2008

Wah...alot of artist got join inside this MV oh..
Wah...Beijing Olympic really many supporter oh..
Wah...some more this song so nice oh..soft soft like comfortable

Photoshop Edited

Wahaha....too just edit few photos...
give some comment ya...

Powered By TawauBoy

Rainy day

wat sien dao..rain rain rain oh..afternoon rain..nvm lo..still can sleep awhile..aih...thnnite rain lagi....apa ini...just now went to dinner with pat pat suddenly rain gao gao oh..yorr..apa ini...thn when we eating,the rain stop dy..aahhh~~~thank god the rain stop dy..haha...thn when we finish eat oh..the rain come again..apa ini..early not rain late not rain now just rain wah..yorr...sien no change lo..just wait for the rain stop lo....but the rain keep down keep down...wah..we lazy wait we just walk home lo...yorr..u knw la..i stay damn far...walk till became water chicken oh..sien dao.....aih..rain gao gao again..aihh...

Flash & futuristic Effect

Yeah..1st time use flash to do my self potrait..just use 30minutes...wahaha....

N got 1 more flash mouse n cheese...duno wat happen oh..i render out to mov file dy..but duno y got many dots n spoil the flash don upload la..haiz....sien oh...

nah is my futuristic effect edited by photoshop..yeah..i like purple


I'm Back

Yeah!!finally can online in m own house..wah..damn happy oh...yeah...happy happy

ya start blog now..wahahaha..yesterday we got video shooting..yeah....actually is for our moral presentation...our topic is talk about alot of actor n also kelefeh..wahahah....n i m the syok..1st time partner with them..n thank God the shooting so smooth yesterday..n the weather also help us..coz got rain make the mood more nice..yeah....n during we shooting video patrick used his "NEW SLR CAMERA CANON 450D" to help us took some syok...patrick bought tht camera dy..i also want ah.....arrrhhhh!!!! 1 part so funny 1..we got a disco since we try to find some place is look like disco we decide to go redbox 1...but oh...we count count count oh..we count till..yii..not so low(worth) woh...coz we just need to shoot awhile we went to GASoline lo...haha..luckly we found a nice we shoot our since inside thr staff so nice..they knw wat song we they play the song we want oh...we also zadao..wakakaka....thn we got go alot of place to shoot happy tht time..i will edit the video later...if finish edit thn show to u guys la..wahahah......

ah...after tht thn we back home lo..when i reach home oh..duno y felt damn not sleepy n not tired oh..yorr..few days already oh....thn i ask my lovely roommate accompany me go to McD lepak lepak lo...wah...actually i want go to McD do assignment 1..coz i knw if i at home i wont do i mah decide to go thr my lovely roommate accompany me also kisiao...b4 tht he just back from McD also...haha....thn no change lo..he accompany me go also lo...thn oh..when i reach McD oh..apa inil...i felt sleepy oh..n damn tired oh..want o sleep dy..apa ini...thn i ask my lovely heart things or not oh?n ask him..hey..keep talking with me leh..if not i will die oh..wah..tht nite we keep talk talk talk n he do his assignment n i draw some rubbish....i draw draw draw oh..but lazy draw my assignment oh...u say die or not..wahaha....thn we sit at McD long long time oh..from 11pm like tht sit till 7am..wah..damn tired oh..kisiao....thn we walk home lo..after tht i got class at 9am just now i just sleep an hour felt damn tired oh....but still don 1 sleep..coz long time din blog dy wanna blog 1st..wahahah....

hmmm...yala..thts all la...wahaha....

erm..n wish my dream come true la..