Saturday, June 21, 2008

Design Method presentation

finally finish the presentation...haha...but got some problem..some mistaken..ohno..1 of my poster oh...the logo terbalik already oh..ohno...thn i damn stress tht time..thn i think think think..try to think n idea to solve my problem..

Ahh..finally i have said tht i purposely ngam my tht poster is FREEDOM..thn i said i purposely make it terbalik becoz freedom i turn it lo..but lecturer said..cant accept this oh...thn she ask...u purposely or mistaken?hehe..thn i my my 2nd media also the same problem..thn i solve solve solve again..thn all my classmate laugh lo...wahaha..

so...finally lecturer asked me to change it back thn send the correct 1 to

u see u see!!

after presentation thn we went to pyramid see 2 leng lui show girl from leng lui o.....wahaha....

after see leng lui..thn back siaw ting hse n wait for tonite share group lo...tonite our share group at pyramid..we ate at pyramid n watch the hulk...wah..nice dao bao oh...all of my fren..must watch it oh..haha...

oh ya...b4 dinner..we got go see leng lui modal also..thn took pic with them..luckly patrick them still thr....thn ask patrick help us take pic..hehe

Share group n leng lui show girl


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