Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Damn SIEN 的一天

ohno..justnow..this afternoon..damn sien n dan hot.waliu..really duno wan do wat oh..assignment als no mood do o...thn got bed also cant sleepin oh...the song also lazy to listen oh..really sien till die oh..thn my lovely roommate asked me go chicken buffet lo...waliu...really sien dao bao o....chicken buffet again o...siao liao meh..thn i keep say NO NO NO..finally i follow him to eat chicken bufet dy...coz really damn sien now felt not sien dy...coz need to rush assignment oh..coz ah,rush assignment just will do 1 o..some more we must do asignment at nite 1 h...if do in the day time ah..sure cant do 1..u saysi bo?coz ah..ourasignment is 不见的光 later need to rush assignment la..coz tmr needto present dy..if not i also wont do 1..kakaka

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