Monday, June 30, 2008

Tired day again!!

Yesterday play english service..waseh...want damn early wake up..==|||..6.40am++ want wake up dy..ohno..damn tired ah..hmm..yesterday played not so good..all english song..abit hard to feel the song..haha....n ending got abit mistake..ohno...but nvm la..still can improved nx time la..haha..

after english service around 12pm..thn go to meet evon them ..Ah ya..thx victor fetch me to he said no need thx him but need help him to promote his is victor blog support them edit video clip..wah..damn tired...n meet at nando's..waliu..i duno order wat things oh..ngiao..hard to eat man...duno wat is tht..really wanna vomit oh..aih..nx time don eat tht again..haha...thn wait for judy come n start edit at McD..hmm....damn

after edit..wait for ah fung come...thn he want to McD again..haha..thn just accompany him to eat la...apa some beh song things..wat the...the kakak said the Mcd card oh..cannot share share..apa ini..order 1 set dy thn cannot use already..apa ini..really stupid kakak..stupid gao gao o...still remember last time at kfc the kakak so nice compare with mcd kakak..really yaosiu..haha....

after finish Mcd..thn back home sleep awhile..thn ready to halo bao jing act stupid girl so funny...haha...if in real life really need to punch her dy..wahahaha...really kisiao...nola...say for fun la...n saw her sing n dance n graduate congratulation to her la...after tht..back home do my ASSignmentss..aih...sien dao..really no mood to do n lazy do decide to sleep awhile...manatau.."one sleep jiu sleep gao gao"...sleep till 4am+++ wake up n set alarm thn do assignment in this morning..wah..tired dao....but finally can done la..haha...thn tonite no need slepp again...yeah!!!!do the damn typo..yeah!!!


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