Friday, October 31, 2008


Wah Sien.. anything everything also need IC..justnow went to buy phone card..thn she said need no change phone use now..even temporally IC also cant bank got money also no use..coz don have atm IC no atm IC no phone card..sien sien sien

at cc now...y?coz duno wat happen cant online..i think the line cut already~~~more phone no line..cant contact come cc for

wan to blog also hard oh..sien sien sien ahh~~

Do for fun
1st time use wacom in photoshop n play with color..haha


Rice's HEART

1st time use wacom to draw something....too free..haha...


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pat's Photo

Patrick Bday Photos in travin's house..
play play play..drink drink drink

Patrick Bday Cake..haha

Z-Rice's Blog

For Fun
13sec introduction

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Adobe After Effect
  • Blogspot
  • Z-rice


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sui sui sui

this few days damn "sui"~~
the weather damnnnn hell..really kisiao gaogao...hiu~~~~
my internet line...sibeh gao lat slow~~~hiu~~~~~
my wallet and handphone kena curi..sien gaogao..hiu~~~~
msn duno wat happen..sot sot 1..cant on..wanna use ebuddy..sien gao gao~~~hiu~~~~
my photo(assaignments) all gone..hiu~~~
everything also like hell...not smooth~~~need pray hard hard~~~


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

happy birthday to patrick and happy deepavali


1st of all i wan say happy bday to of my best brother in TOA...we celebrate bday with him at ridzuan..we play alot of games...count count finger, 7 up , ball bal and happy..

b4 ridzuan we having dinner in yuan chicken wings again..haha..after steamboat thn went to ridzuan play gao gao...we played alot of games...the most happy 1 is mafia..haha..coz we need o think alot of trick and idea to lie ppl and watever happy..and got funny funny funny thing..haha..pat pat drunk ...hahahhahahahahhaa...

watever happy.we played till around 7am thn go to eat breakfast..thn 8am++ reached home n slept..

monday -
3pm woke up..preare to go pyramid coz our media team got blessing from JH..haha....and i wanna say happy deepavali to everyone 1st..

we got eat and play..

after play thn(got long long story)my wallet and handphone lost dy...really sien sien sien~~~~need more detail...ask me la..really angry and moody..thn go to police station report and thanks for tan zboz gv me rm50 n for survive..i knw my survival guide(project) need do wat already..haha...after report went to edwin house and ate dinner cooked by tracy..after tht yum cha with them thn back xing u home thn yum cha again~~~thn at xing u's home blog now~

Friday, October 24, 2008

Touching ~

although it was 8minutes..but i think will touched you...

Class 6 is the best


till now i realize that member of CD075-6 are so cute..

class 6 we are the most cute n funny 1.....haha...

what happen?can ask


A Quick Laugh For 5 Mins

Teacher: History is a very interesting subject. It tells you about what had happened in the past.
Student: Please teacher, I don't think I want to study history.
Teacher: Why?
Student: There is no future in it.

Teacher : Ted, if your father has $10 and you ask him for $6, how much would your father still have?
Ted : $10.
Teacher : You don't know maths.
Ted : You don't know my father!

Mother : David, come here.
David : Yes, mum?
Mother : You really disappoint me. Your results are getting worse.
David : But I will only get my report book tomorrow.
Mother : I know that. But I am going to Hong Kong tomorrow, so I am scolding you now.

Father : Why did you fail your mathematics test?
Son : On Monday, teacher said 3+5=8
Father : So?
Son : On Tuesday, she said 4+4=8 And on Wednesday, she said 6+2=8. If she can't make up her mind, how do I know the right answer?

A mother and son were doing dishes while the father and daughter were watching TV in the living room. Suddenly, there was a loud crash of breaking plates, then complete silence. The daughter turned to look at her father.
Daughter : It's mummy!
Father : How do you know?
Daughter : She didn't say anything.

Girl: Do you love me?
Boy: Yes Dear
Girl: Would you die for me?
Boy: No, mine is undying love

Man: How old is your father?
Boy: As old as me
Man: How can that be?
Boy: He became a father only when I was born

Waiter: I've stewed liver, boiled tongue and frog's leg.
Customer: Don't tell me your problems. Give me the menu card.

Teacher : Simon, your composition on 'My Dog' is exactly the same as your brother's. Did u copy his?
Simon : No, teacher, it's the same dog!

Father : Your teacher says she finds it impossible to teach you anything!
Son : That's why I say she's no good!

Teacher: 'Where were u born?'
Student: ' Singapore , Sir.'
Teacher: 'Which part?'
Student: 'All of me, Sir.'

A teacher was asking her class: 'What is the difference between 'unlawful' and 'illegal'?'
Only one hand shot up.
'Ok, answer, Joan' said the teacher.
''unlawful' is when u do something the law doesn't allow and 'illegal' is a sick eagle.'

Teacher: 'How come you do not comb your hair?'
Ah Kow: 'No comb, Sir.'
Teacher: 'Use your dad's then.'
Ah Kow: 'No hair, Sir.'

A boy came home from school with his exam results.
'What did u get?' asked his father.
'My marks are under water,' said the boy.
'What do u mean 'under water'?'
'They are all below 'C' (sea) level'

Well, that's the end of the jokes. Hope you had a good laugh!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


1st of all..thanks Adele help me design/created my "purple rice" name..haha..

cool with persepective lagi..haha.i like the color so much..and ot bling blign effect cool cool...thanks Adele..

Monday, October 20, 2008

FINALLY FINAlly finally~~~~

Finally..i can rest now~~after 18/10/2008!!! i can fly..after MR2+ ..i can rest more n more n more~~~yeah~~~!!!!!!!

by the way..really no sleep for few nights.. coz need rush the MR2+
-Interview clip
-dance's clip and performance's clip

and need to thank alot of ppl here..

1st is Jason Pang..he help me alot.. the interview clip..teach me about those effect things the colour and all the setting and rendering..thanks him alot..

2nd is Johnson(Xing U)..he also help me do alot of things..he accompany me go ikea to buy the glasses(trophies)..and i always bring problem to him..haha...and make him cant sleep few night..haha..really felt so sorry to

3rd..wanna thank the YAT ZI..she also help me to think how to design the trophies and decorate..the ribbon was her idea..haha..i also make her cant sleep tht night

yeah~~thanks jason pang , johnson , and ya chee . .


wanna share about the progress~~friday rush the trophies and the clip(next day is the final)
friday -saturday keep doing my things..render render render~~~die die die...keep rendering make me cant sleep coz in the whole night...even saturday afternoon also need to render..coz got some problem..really stress tht thefriday nite..johnson ya chee jason and i also didnt sleep coz need help me to rush my things..haha....really thanks them alot.. the saturday nite..when i finish render the clip thn i faster rush to church to transfer my file, in the same time i still rendering the dance's clip..but i really cant i asked jason help me to take it..but finally got some problem so finally cant take it for nvm la..tht was my fault..T_T..and before i rush to church...johnson got asked me help him take the judges name plat..but i forgot to take it..until 8pm i jnust remember about the judges name i faster called johnson n tell wan make him go home and take it again..and the dance's clip was with really cant bring it in to me by nvm la..let it the same time..we also suffer about the video camera...ohno...duno funny or angry..the 1st and 2nd nite of MR2+ got recording but final don have?huh?...really nth to say...thn asked kitt..she said cant borrow duno wat happen..make me more stress...coz if really don have recording in the final i really dulan..coz we prepare alot of things is wait for the final night and must keep it as our COLLECTION and MEMORY ma...yorr..i really felt sad and stress tht time..really really stress..wanna cry on tht time...but luckily..praise the lord..finally johnson took a handy cam to church...really touched tht time..wahahaha...thn i faster record it ...but really beh song is..don have record the dance part..really sad..becoz the dance part is the most i care and worry about..haha...and also praise the lord..its so smooth..really touched tht tear wan come out tht

in the whole night..i just record down around 45minutes only..coz of the problem of i need to save the battery till the end of the part..the whole night was so smooth...the environment are never cool down...from the begin till the end are also HIGH HIGH HIGH...hhahahaa....wanna praise the lord again...

the Design of the trophies

after_final outcome

ya..congratulation to

Wei Hong - The best stage performance ( surprise leh?..haha)

Song Composing
1st - Sedar
2nd - Qi Ji
3rd - Xing Fu Yong Jing

1st - Joanne Sim
2nd - Hui Ying
3rd - Alvin Chang

Congratulation to joanne..haha..she is the winner...haha..and now waiting for her spend me eat la..hahaha...

inside the car..

Ya...after the event..thn wait for travin them come to fetch me..haha..the next station busying and stressING..finally i can express it out on tht nite..haha..actually my church's fren tot me back home after the event..coz i said i so so so sleep few nights..but manatau..i went to ...haha....tau

memebers in maison
-cherly's bf
-jeng chyuan
-fanny's fren

but i really tired tht time..really really tired..
after maison thn back home sleep..damn tired..but duno y..i just slept 6hours only..ohno..make me more tired..

sunday afternoon went to church for the meeting..and night go to jason house sleep most funny 1 sleep talk talk till 4am like tht just sleep and 8am wake up to col...tht mean today la..haha..after class thn back home blog gao gao..yeah..

Anyway...praise the lord for the MR2+ and everything...


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wow Wow Yea Yea~~~

wow wow yea yea~~`i love u more thn i can say~~~~

waseh~~~this week really can die dy....EAT BIG CHANGE oh....siao~~~few days no sleep except thursday nite..and the rest from monday to saturday(today) also no need to sleep...coz need to rush project and MR2+..really no sleep o...just a small nap thn class or wake up ..sien~~~

and now..rendering the interview video clip..coz got some need render it all 7 clip...and 30-40minutes per u say can die or not..~~n need to sho it tonite MR2+ final nite..hmm..siao siao siao....
really eat big change~~~

and the trophies also can make me die.. about the design the packaging the watever la..all of those thing can make me die..

hmm...this is the roughly post only..the complete 1 will update tmr ..haha...coz  now feel want to just roughly write some my feeling..

by the way
gambateh to

Suk bing
bao jing
xiao xing
wei wei
hui ying


Friday, October 17, 2008


Yeah~~slept 12hours++ last nite...haha..


Thursday, October 16, 2008




Wednesday, October 15, 2008

. . .

So Stress now
Somebody can help me!!
i want die dy....

its raining feeling is just like this rain....keep downing...
my brain cacat now..cant design anything cant do anything..
apa pun tak boleh sudah~~~~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Web Design 1

Here are my Web Design 1

Title : If i m a Soldier

Here are my web pages

Home page

Photo Album
1st of all i want thanks to patrick ..coz i used his photo...wakaka..and thanks Sam & Adele got gave me some idea/suggestion...hehe
and the most important person i need to thanks is THIS GUY.
haha...thanks him for teach me all those html things and how to link it link

this html make me blur+confused...wah..i can die for this...luckily he help me and teach me

lol..tht time was in jason house..ya wen and xing u also inside the house are never quiet 1...haha..when i in the living room..keep talk with ya wen..when inside xing u room keep talk with him..sometime ya wen will shout my name and ask me do ur project funny

we started at 3am..haha..coz before tht jason not free..coz he so BUSYYY oh...hahah..i duno wht he busying la..haha...thn suddenly said wan go fetch ya chee thn i follow lo...since jason not free..haha...manatau..ya chee hungry..thn we go yum cha finally 3am just back home and just start do the used 3hours to done this u said fast or not..hahahha...already 6am..tht mean this morning 6am we went to mamak ate maggie goreng..haha..thn back to jason's house sleep thn 8.30am wake up n go to class...wah..damn tired today..

damn busy man~~~

MR2+ MR2+


Siu Keong Bday Celebrate

Yeah..happy bday to Siu Keong..

sorry for the late post..haha...

Member in the party :
Siu keong
Kea Wen

actually siu keong is called Sau keong..haha......remember when we in the 1st year 1st term 1st day 1st class 1st lesson.lecturer ask us to give urself a nick name..thn he said himself is siu keong until now we also call him siu keong..haha....

actually siu keong this pok gai is a frenly and funny guy..he very fan cheong 1..he bring alot of fun to us..haha..

Ah~~here is siu keong(stupid face)

oh yah..siu keong bday is 07oct..we celebrate with him in subang ville(jason's house)
tht time already 12am..u knw y we so late celebrate? becoz of kam kam..we all wait him..hahahhahaha....thn nvm lo..we sing n eat cake together and play some ice breaker lo..haha..after tht jason's sis complain us too noisy..haha..thn we decided to go ridzuan and continue our till 3am like tht..

tht time we got chivas and soft drink..haha..we played "count count finger" , "7up" , "9up" , and many many...alot of ice breaker we happy...

7of us play till high high~~~yeah

1 more thing...they got class in the other day 9am they got submition..but we all drink drank drunk and havent touch the assignment they can says is.."wait die"...haha....

but duno wat happen..maybe is siu keong bday..suddenly got a phone and said....tmr class canceled...haha....then they all like can fly to heaven like

In the End


Friday, October 10, 2008

Color Mood GAMEZ

this 1 is the color i played..match with MR2+...haha..the cute cute color on my shirt are actually the sticker u can see it in FCC the voting box there...haha
so i try to play around thx cassie help me to stick it..

Nah~~~This 1


And the next 1 is also color mood game...
this photo was took inside a shopping mall
this game is arrange the number
example :
1234 = white purple green black
4321 = black green purple white
2143 = purple white black green
i think Danny Wong will love this game..
enjoy the game(if can play in mandarin format)..wakakaka


Today's day finish my typo redesign prepare presentation kit..thn direct talk rubbish infront..haha...

Here is my mock up

after the presentation thn i went to met johnson and edwin..coz wanna go IKEA to buy something..waliu...we wait the bus around 1 hour oh..sien till die..

nevermind .. forget about it..

when we reached ikea already 3.30pm and yum cha awhile thn 4pm already..

we use our most geng speed to walk n find the thing we want to buy...

wao..we 1st time shop ikea through running..coz we scared cant rush back for share group..manatau we too fast already..

4pm : find our thing
4.30pm : go to counter
4.40pm : pack our things coz all our things are glasses.
almost 5pm : we rush to bus there coz the bus 5pm will go to kelana jaya

here are the glasses i bought..(13 glasses)

for this..we scare the glasses will broke coz scared the car shack..n so ngam we got the ikea catalog thn we decided to slice it n try to protect our glasses(that u can see in the pic)...thn when we after pay the a staff came here n cakap cakap us n said
"next time dont like this ah"

after busy finish this.. thn wait for tonite share group..

thats my day today..hahahaha...


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Typo - Redesign

Typo - Redesign
this is a McD's Leaflet




Cover ( Front & Back)
Behind the Cover(1st page&10th page)
(9th page & 2nd page)
(3rd page & 8th page)
(7th page & 4th page)
(3rd page & 8th page)
Although it got abit confuse you..haha..after i print it out thn just show u guys the leaflet

PS : This is just my project about redesign. Don have copyright. Don't “Soo" me ya. and also all of the photos are search from web, if i took your photo please don “Soo" me also ya.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Lovely Mother

Yeah!! my Mummy came dy..haha..but just came back few days happy also..haha.. happy..coz long time didn't eat with my mum n long time didn't eat my mum dishes nice..cant stop when eating those dishes...after makan..we talk talk talk...haha...

Yeah~~so miss my mum..


Monday, October 6, 2008

MR2+ Finalist

Here are the MR2+ 7 contestants finalist

see you on


Saturday, October 4, 2008



Today dont know what happened....


My photoshop and Illustrator cant type text..sien..
-nvm..i still can use my fren com to do my project

So I came my fren house already..then i insert my hard disk inside sudenly pop-up n said FILE CORRUPTED ..sien gao gao
-nvm..i still got pendrive .. so i decided later go back home take my file n come back here do again..because my file size so big..pendrive cant save all my i need to delete some file to save my assignments..WHAT THE..don't know what happened,wrong click or wat..all my file lost..

no choise la..better format it la..


i really wan kisiao already~~~

Patrick beside me now... wanna punch him n slap him dy...

photograph - Patrick

Hair stylist - Zermi

Material(hair dryer) - nick


HELP ! ! !

HELP ME ! ! !

My Adobe Photoshop And Adobe Illustrator cant write/type any text inside..dunno wat problem..who can tell me what happened...if not i cant do any assignments ! ! !



Friday, October 3, 2008

Nokia 888

Unbelievable ..It's awesome



Thursday, October 2, 2008




Stress now..suddenly felt that i got many things need to do

Fly me to the moon , Script Script Script . . . Sien dao bao~~~

~Web design~
If I'm a soldier . . . Programming sien sien sien

~Typo Redesign~
Wah..damn many pages need to design n many words need to type!!! sien gao gao

Finalist Video Clip
Interview Video Clip
Awards Design + printing+ mock up

4.40am now..doing assignment + sleepy + hungry now..

~The Most Sien~
not responding . . .no save lagi..

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fly Me To The Moon


Selamat Hari Raya

Yeah~~no class this 2 days..