Saturday, October 4, 2008



Today dont know what happened....


My photoshop and Illustrator cant type text..sien..
-nvm..i still can use my fren com to do my project

So I came my fren house already..then i insert my hard disk inside sudenly pop-up n said FILE CORRUPTED ..sien gao gao
-nvm..i still got pendrive .. so i decided later go back home take my file n come back here do again..because my file size so big..pendrive cant save all my i need to delete some file to save my assignments..WHAT THE..don't know what happened,wrong click or wat..all my file lost..

no choise la..better format it la..


i really wan kisiao already~~~

Patrick beside me now... wanna punch him n slap him dy...

photograph - Patrick

Hair stylist - Zermi

Material(hair dryer) - nick



Victor da Lee said...

ei.. u still look like you're smiling lo...

z - rIce said...

bcoz i cannot too angry...i want control myself..haha