Thursday, October 29, 2009

latest work

my latest work..

3d modelling..i started love 3d modelling..haha...very enjoy when doing this..maybe is because all i used were simple shape n simple polygon gua..haha...

this 1 is do for fun..ngek ngek

below the 3 buildings with 3 different colors are my latest project is about tv3..

can recognize the 3 colors?is actually tv3 logo's main color..


this character is for my digital i try to make it in 3d n apply it in..
and this 1 is do for fun also..haha
finally can upload my project online..yeah..
here are my video clip that i had done..
here we go...

Digital Portfolio - my showreel

Motion Graphic
Project 1 - Typographic

-i know this 1 all of my classmate are very sien when listening this..typography is wat language looks like..haha..

Project 2 - Speak Out(quit smoking)


Short clip - Art Is An Imagination - The Mime

-group with cherly and felicia
-act by wong lou kam n joan sim..

Character World

- This 1 is do it for my portfolio best work...haha

3d modelling - building

-just a short short damn short de reel..
-this 1 also do for my portfolio best work..


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My portfolio

My showreel..
enjoy it..



Yahoo...finally can online at home..watchayo....yeah more Pshit..wat?'cut already'..cut wat la..use streamyx la..=.='"
haha...damn happy now...can online gao more time do assignments dy..yeah~~~~~~~~