Friday, June 26, 2009


ooppss..finally i cut my hair..became short gao gao...ngek ngek...havent take photo yet..will show u guys next time..

Monday, June 22, 2009


i wan to stop it~~~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My motion typographic

here is my motion typographic..

typography is what language looks li ba la..and makes the type taste good..

this thing make me kisiao..but i like it..ngek ngek...

Monday, June 15, 2009


last nite play facebook gao gao...leave some comment to play play...suddenly have a DOG come to kacau kacau...deng...suddenly scold this scold that...said i duno how to communicate...what the..said me taukei zai..wasai...and his words..10 words got 8-9 are rude 1..deng~~said me tau kei wah..he more tau kei old already still talk many rude words..what the...when u see what the DOG type u also will beh song when see it..but i wan to
he already over my baseline..u scold my mother and keep F me n D me...but i also need to忍。。。忍。。。忍。。。忍。。。忍。。。

but he also kind la..he asked me becareful when i come out from my college...he also knw how to care me...i really felt so touched...

btw...Mr. Dog i wish u will see my blog..and i sure confirm u will more angry me..ngek ngek...when u angry..i happy....u more angry..i more happy..cause i already stop the conversation with u..somemore i don have say any bad u bark like a dog..say this say that...give who also beh song la...deng u....scold my mother somemore...wah...what kind of education u learn oh?u don tell ppl u are my classmate's brother oh..oopppsss..i dunno where should i put my face oh..

again.. Mr. Dog..if u see tis again..if u wan come to find me yum cha or need me to BECAREFUL when i out from my college..thn u just come la...cause in the end i think u are not mature enough and still need a lot of time to have a good education..

My fren..don ask me who is the dog la..cause i think the dog no face to let ppl know "IT"

Friday, June 12, 2009

what is art?

can anyone tell me what is art?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My CareLine

Wah..i think my Pshit Ymax was created by TOA IT department..coz now i only realize, always mid night2-3am just can online..deng~~~although toa students are always sleep late la..but also don too care us la..yorr~~~now is the time to do research..coz when the sun wake up i cant online dy...i really give it BOMB DAO~~

here is the proof of how my line care me..
i think the line wan me to be steady and don too rush when doing my stuff..
u see~~~

take attention at the restaurant city's worker's position and their pose...all are in the same place..never move 1...after the restaurant thn spot the clock..already hold it more to 20 minutes cause i print screen and photoshop edit abit n write my blog ++-- and until now also stand in the same post..

3.52am . . .

4.04am . . .

now the time is 4.20am . . . (they also standing at the same place)

btw....the quality for these 2 photo are low quality coz i scared i cant upload it..thank god i can upload it...

already 4.24am . . .(also remain the same)

i really damn dulan dy...deng~~~i called the customer service many times dy..n they said like this like that..can solve 1...just put my modem here there up down bili bala bili bala..n said wait the technical guy come to fix it..i remember my line cant on since 14th of may..n they report my case at 17th may..until now also didnt come to fix it..wah~~~like tht i die lo...i no need on MSN n FACEBOOK i also wan to do RESEARCH 1 ah~~~no need survive meh~~~yorr~~~

4.30am now . . .(my RC worker still standing in the same pity them)

Additional part..
just opened my mail box and received the Pshit bill statement...wah..make me more dulan...the line like shit now still wan take money from me..siao~~

that time i called to the company n they said help us report our case and they will automatic help us deduct the money of 14days..but now is original price..rm99.."deng it lung" ah~~
need to called them n complain again..slap slap slap....