Friday, May 23, 2008

Tired Stress Unlucky 's Rice

wow...long time din blogging dy...wah....coz cant online oh..sien many things to say oh...1st..i moved to th new house dy..but still havent collect n arrnge all the things..wahaha...actually i suppose move the at 1st of may 1..but i delay delay till 21st may just move in..wah.....1st day sleep thr oh..although cant online n environment not so good...but still ok la...tahan while lo....oh ya....that day ricky n me fetch Jin heng n cassie to airport...they go redang honey thr play play la..thn we 3am++ like tht go to fetch them thn go McD drink early tea lo...n eat till around 5am then fetch them to airport lo...go n return around 6am like tht reach home lo..wah..thn back home practice song awhile thn sleep lo...apa ini...manatau 8am like tht wake up dy lo..u knw y?yorrrrr~~~sien alot bees in our room oh...arhh..gao meng ah..yorrr...when i want wake up ah..also use slow motion play taichi like tht oh...apa ini..sien dao...although i knw early early in the morning play tai chi is good la..but don la...just slepe 2 hours only wat chun taichi ah..yorr....thn i walk also use slow motion oh..waliu..sien dao...thn we prepare ourself till 10am like tht thn my lovely dear roommate suggest to chicken bufet...apa ini....thn i think think think..ahh.want or not leh..if don 1 i fulfill my time leh..coz i 2pm got class thn aih..count change lo....thn go chicken buffet eat gao gao lo...aih..when we go out o..saw the gate there got bee's house many bees geli the way we driving jin heng car tht time so we sit inside the car n i took alot of stone to throw the i throw the bee thn i aster go in to tak kena pun..n ricky also throw throw throw many times also tak kena..yorr..his skilll so bad la..aih....count la..nvm la...haha...thn we give up n go chicken buffet eat gao gao..wahahaha...

when we reach chicken buffet we at counter there to paid money mah..wah..manatau we saw a book called "ling ming re liang" is a Christianity i tok it n read read read..wah..long time din read dy can used it as devotion..wahaha..i read 7pages randomly choose 1..yorrr..the story suit for me the 1st page thn 2nd page thn continue till 7th oh..the story line is talk my real life oh...wah..really like me oh...about my sad n happy story also got inside..hmmm....thn we ate till 2pm thn i go to college lo...till around 5pm like tht thn i go to church lepak...coz we 8pm got practice mah..thn mah wait till 8pm lo...

yorr....duno is good things or bad things..i gave "steam mushroom" dy...erm...duno how to say from now..i wnat play my EG gao gao n learn it well...wahahah..i want play EG gao gao..but i sure will play my drum gao gao also la...haha..tht nite practice i felt so tired n moody coz not enough rest n sleep make my mood keep going down..yorrr...but oh..when i play in run thru oh....duno "run thru" how to spell....wheni play it oh..i used my tired mood to play it..wah....i felt so free oh....n all my stress all gone when i play it...n tht nite i played so nice..hehe..paiseh...i praise myself..wakaka.but is real tht nite damn tired n my mood slow slow become stable thts all la..long time din mah tlak many many lo..wakakak...paiseh....


Saturday, May 17, 2008

1st class of "design Method"

wah...yesterday class really so tongiao...suppose our is in comp lab 1..but the comp lab changing computer..u knw la..comp lab's computer damn cheap 1...stupid now change to window our class move to A2 lo..the orientation there..manatau we just sit there not more thn 30minutes maybe 10mnt only..our butt also havent sit hot oh..want dismiss already...lecturer just brief abit only..apa ini..just 10mnts thn dismiss oh..yorr...suppose our class is 1pm-5pm 1..wahh..4hours oh..but tht day our class just attend 10mnts ++ only oh..yorr..u say sien or thn rm300+- lost dy lo..after tht we went to watch movie nice..i like the effect so real oh..n the lion fur so smooth..haha....yeah...its worth to watch...some more student price lagi..wah,...more syok..haha...after movie back ridzuan dinner..thn lepak lepak again lo..thn tht nite wei hong said want take guitar from me.....thn i mah wait lo..yorr..wait till 1am like tht oh..wah..some more so tired lagi..coz tht time i watching drama till my eyes want close dy assignments also don do..go watch drama..haha..geng leh..haha....finally wait till wei hong come to find me lo.....thn i back my mum hse n sleap gao comfortable..


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day(11/05/2008)

Yeah..that day suppose to give my mummy surprise 1..but nvm mum also got felt touch also..wahaha...thn i feel happy also...tht day patrick,nick,travin,jeng chyuan got go to my mum hse also...yeah..we celebrate mother's day mum make steamboat to us and we ate gao gao...but nick pity lo....cant eat too much coz his gigi rosak....haha.....but he also got ate abit la..if not i will feel sad oh...haha....after tht thn we ate banana gao gao..wahaha...syok...

Ya..happy mother's day to my mum...

patrick , nick , jeng chyuan , travin , zermi

We love banana
edited by travin

My FridayED(09/05/2008)

Last friday went to mid valley for the "tho one exhibition" ,pat pat,nick,travin and judy went to the exhibition.....thn meet up with jason kam n kam syok...we saw alot of senior work n also classmate yee artwork also got de tuh...haha....actually we decide to go at saturday 1 ..but Zhuo Yu said he demo on friday so we go on friday lo..manatau Zhuo Yu sick Darren replace him...yorr..sien la...haha..but nvm la..we saw Darren drawing at thr n go to kacau him also..haha..thn nick also got draw draw lo....but draw till half thn fly dy...apa ini....thn we walk walk walk lo...walk around the exhibition thn we went to other side play play lo.....thn we went to limkokwing thr n we see their of the animation so nice...tht time got me patrick n nick in the limkokwing thr....thn i saw a work oh...thn i told patrick said > "wah..this 1 not so nice la"...thn the limkokwing staff said > "erm..actually this is not our student work"..yorr....if not ur student work thn y show in limkokwing oh?kisiao meh?if not student work is lecturer work ah?yorr....kisiao lo.....thn the staff ask us > "r u guys studying?the one academy student?" ..nick said > "errrmmmm......" thn i faster answer said > "no..we finding college just came out from SPM"....yorr...i think in tht moment the staff will knw we r lie lo....yorr...coz if we really came out from SPM,we wont said those things 1 lo...coz look like so pro like tht....but we r really pro la...haha.....thn we continue walk walk lo...suddenly saw got durian woh..thn pat pat n travin bought 2packs of durian thn walk walk again..suddenly saw durian pan cake again...wah..tht nite we ate durian dinner oh..wahaha...coz patrick mum bought him durian moon cake lagai..wao..u say die boh...wat durian also ini...nick said durian smelly wah.....thn he back home n wait us finished eat just come to find siao dao....thn he come to find us lo..n thn go downstair for take dinner coz nick said he damn hungry all la...

Nick drawing a modal..

Our durian meals....yeah!!!!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Funny or Bad luck?(08/05/2008)

last thursday damn funny....i slept at patrick house tht day...thn when i wake up in the morning,suddenly got "ugrent" n need go to toilet gao dim i open the door lo..apa ini...manatau duno wat happen the door cant open oh..ohno..thn patrick wake up n see wat happen lo...thn we try to open open n open the door..but still cant open the way..i m "urgent"ing i simply find some tool lo..i use metal ruler,nail cutter,screw driver thn start to open the door lo...ohno..still cant open...thn patrick shout loud loud to ask someone open the door...but nobody at home tht tht ohno lo...but my "urgent" keep calling me...ahhh..gao meng ah...thn no change lo....i said want to broke the door..pat pat no choice n said.."OK lo"..thn i faster n i used scissors to cut the door..waliu..the door damn cheap la..just used scissors also can broke it oh..yor...thn i broke it dy but still cant open the door o..yorr.die lo die lo.we haduse alot of skill to open the door oh..but still fail leh..ohno...but i keep "urgent urgent" oh...sei lo.sei lo...thn i use the smaller screw diver to it..apa easy only...just "kiao"it thn can open dy...make us do alot of stupid things...finally the dor can open dy..thn i din think 3 think 4..when i open the dor dy i direct go to toilet n enjoy my wonderful. . . ....ahhheheh.knw la...haha...

aih...sien lo....broke the door dy..maybe want me pay some lagi..ohno.i m perfectly bankrap o..yorr....u say die boh...aih...count la..ghost ask me got "urgent"meh..aih...

nah..the lock..==

the tools

the hero


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tired But Happy ^^ ~ @@ we went to putrajaya to attend peter yap n rinny hiew....rinny yap hiew just ngam..wahahah...attended their wedding registration..i duno how to say..somethings like tht la..wahaha..if u under thn good la..haha...damn tired today ah...lastnite 2.30am sleep thn5.30am wake up lagi...apa ini..they ask me b4 6.30am standby thn i mah wait lo..apa ini..i already gao dim and set my hair gao gao dy..manatau around tht time the Si Bao Jing called me n said..i go fetch wei hong now ah...tongiao...coz fetch wei hong liao just fetch me 1 mah.yorrr...sien oh..make me wake up early early in the morning oh..yorr.....apa ini....thn i think i better continue sleep sleep till 7.30am they called me n ask me come down after tired oh..==

Yeah..after tht go in the car n thn go to peter n siaw hui hse meet them thn go to nice comfortable...n saw miawmi also...long time no see him..want to play with him.but he ignore hurt.haha..after tht thn go to putrajaya lo...when we reach there saw a SPORT car..the car so pro plate is use A4 paper thn +marker pro...after tht we go inside the building ..hui ling jun jie n amy wait us syok tht time..haha...feel so happy...thn they go to take number n Q up lo...when reached them oh..we tot is time to sign the signature.manatau is want to paid money only..tongiao..sit tht time got many cameraman o...all looking at us we wake around n take photo gao gao....AHH..finally reached peter n siao hui to go inside the room n sign the wedding we also take photos gao inside....the situation inside is so got us ma..haha....yeah..finally saw them sign already n rinny hiew became rinny yap dy...wahahaha...tht time felt so happy for they happy forever

after tht we go take photo gao gao again..haha...after tht we go oldtown take our lunch..yeah...peter yap be lunch thn go to peter hse to see the wedding photo...wah..when reach peter hse..suddenly the sleepy n tired feel come to find me..wah..when i finished see the photo...thn i direct sleep gao comfortable ahhh..wahahahha.... so

yeah...after tht i meet patrick n nick at pyramid..cozif stay at home damn hot tht we go to lagoon to see 掌门人 ngam i got video cam in hand..haha..thn i got shoot some since...yorr...yong sao wai so leng lui hot ah...i wear formal shirt go inside lagoon...u say die boh..haha...lucky tht time the sun not so hot...n i sit inside the keep shooting them when they are playing some games....i 1st time saw artist so near by me leh...justnow pat pat n i got 擦身而过 with 2 hong kong artist..yeah..damn syok...ah..n thn walk walk suddenlysaw jean n talk with her....thn walk walk again...thn back home lo..back home few hours thn want move things to new house dy..ohno..not stop leh...damn tired oh..yorr...lucky nick n patrick help me to move..if not we will die fast fast oh.."we" mean my all housemate...haha..thn finish moved we go to dinner...went to ridzuan ah boy eat gao gao o..damn hungry..haha..thn come back blogging lo... is my perfectly tired day...non stop activities...wahahaha....!!!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sad~~ damn sad..sien drum played like shit oh...haiz...sian oh..really felt paiseh n shy oh..sad oh..son say this nvm la...can improve nx

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rice Talk

yorr..moved house dy..cant online pity..arrrhhh...i want kisiao dy ah...just can go fren hse online..aih..but nvm la..i always go fren hse 1..wahaaha...duno when just can online gao gao leh..aih...sien house damn far far from the one n ridzuan oh...sei i go sch n find my fren nx time o?yorr....sien i think i will move again after nx term break..aih..see how la.coz move hse damn mafan 1 oh..yorrr...and 1 more things...i apply my Mcd card sy again..aih..sien roommate lost my Mcd card apply rm9 oh..apa ini.sien tiao....aih..but nvm la..long long 1 time..hmm...and got went to ipoh at this thr 2 days 1 nite...learn wat things ah?duno oh..just knw how to leng lui teach us..duno wat her name just call her leng lui la..haha...i think she 50yrs old ++ dy...wah.really long story see many things n play many things n eat nice "ENJOIN" with them...wahahahahaha...share to u guys nx time la..coz i feel tired to type now...wakakak...duno wan to say wat ..i will upload the ipoh trip video nx time la..thn u guys will knw wat happened in ipoh 1 la..haha...tell u guys a bit pig sleeping eating la..lovely couple la...happy workshop class la..and many many more..wahaha...n 1 more the most funny a brother act ghost in the night time...climb up from the stair...haha...will show u guys soon..ciaozzzZZZZ !!!