Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Tree Friends


[Happy Tree Friends](jason , Johnson , zermi)

saturday(15/11)last nite..actually we tot last nite was the HUNK we prepare..thn we double comfirm the date n we saw tht the date was 16/11 sunday

thn nvm we(happy tree friends) decided to go the curve la..ate meat ball in ikea and watched movie..we watched GP506..really a nice movie..u guys can watch it..really a korean movie..thn back home la..

sunday(16/11)today..woke up early..n went to ah chung and annie's registration..for video recording..haha...thn went to oldtown have our breakfast..haha..thn go chinese service..after chinese service(church) went to lunch...after lunch wait for the HUNKS night in euphoria MOS with happy tree friends..

YAW~~~shout shout nice..i mean inside the love the alot of wuntie..wakakaka alot of leng lui judges...haha..

congratulation :
Tawau boy(lee kok yang)~~
the 12 winners


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