Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Holiday day 8 & 9

Monday 25th ~ yesterday

Whole day at house..so din eat..haha..till nite go to tabao my breakfast+lunch+dinner nasi goreng ayam...haha..after feel like wan to talk many many..so walk to subang ville find siaw ting yum cha n talk gao gao with her..wah..after i finish talk..felt better dy..haha..thn walk back home n chat gao gao n play cho dee gao gao..haha..online game...play till 4am like tht just sleep...lol...

Tuesday 26th ~ today
this afternoon find ya chee lunch n talk gao gao with her also..haha..really talk gao gao...talk till 5pm like tht thn find kai rin n talk again....haha...after tht help siaw ting tabao dinner thn suddenly saw cassie at ridzuan thn talk again..haha..today really talk alot oh...

justnow went yum cha with ya chee n swee hee again..haha..we talk gao gao again..talk till 1 am..haha..lol....really kisiao dy..

today really talk gao gao..haha


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