Friday, September 12, 2008

Wake me up when 9am

Yesterday class so about influences ini..make some of my classmates cry..haha...coz our project is talk about our influences ....hmm..some of them got so touched n sad story...

but mine 1 is funny n happy

after class thn went to church for practice...

finished practice

yum cha at oldtown

thn johnson said sleep at edwin's house..i suddenly got tht mood stay i just go edwin there sleep lo..

after oldtown yum cha thn johnson edwin n i yum cha ming tin

coz i tot nx day class is 2pm ma..luckily i got called patrick n ask him about the timetable..if not i skip today saaid..9:00am class...ohno..i tot 2.30pm tim..ohno lo..thn nvm change lo..sleep edwin there n wake up early lo..haha

thn 1am like tht johnson n i talk gao gao again..haha..telk till day 9am class..still not yet sleep...haha...

nvm set alarm thn ok dy is the most crazy 1..i set 8.20PM

luckily johnson wake me up at i fast fast rush rush n go to col..luckily edwin house is at sunway iso fast can


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