Wednesday, April 16, 2008

happy moment with my fan cheong bro sis!!

Yeah!!last nite went to ridzuan n subang ville to find those fan cheong brother sister...went there enjoin our normal movie blow water n bla bla bla la....haha...i really can find my happy with here i must share a funny things to u guys..if not i can sleep tonite..wahahaha...i want to tell is the sei pat pat..apa ini..i duno he want to make me die or make me laugh..apa ini...last nite i tell them..

Rice : i so down,i got heart things,got girl intro to me or not?!?

then pat pat laugh gao gao..make the whole room can feel vibration mode..after tht..he keep continue n non stop de ask..u down ah?u got heart things ah?u want lui ah?..keep asking asking asking..non stop de ask..yasiu...realy gv me a feel is..wanna said..

"wa pa lu kisiao gao gao wa ka lu kong ah"

after tht i saw the dryer beside me..thn i pick it up n tell pat pat..i wanna kill myself..waliu..more die...he laugh till the whole bloc of ridzuan got the vibration effect!!haha...

after finish blow water in nick house..thn we go travin hse watch movie ini..the pat pat can laugh gao gao oh..from nick hse to travin hse also keep laughing inside travin hse he still keep asking "u so down ah?u got heart things ah?u want lui ah?"..apa ini...wahaha....thn after finished movie at travin hse...thn go son son house play again..wahaha..after tht sleep at his hse..yeah!!

lol..i think this sentence just my fan cheong fren will knw wat its mean 1 the way..happy happy all the way....YEAH!!!!!


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