Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flash BACK

i flash is came back

YeaH!done my flash gao gao..haha...last time tht 1 so rough..actually this 1 also..i used 10hours to do hours like tht..coz justnow i got yum cha with them..took me an hour like tht..haha...i 1st time so till non stop..from around 9pm do till now..wahahaha...happy happy...although this 1 also rough but better thn last time tht 1 la..haha..
is time to sleep now..yeah...

actually i m redo again..i start from 0%...haha...coz last time tht 1..reallly like better do again la..if want change from tht a..= do 2 work do again la... is my flash...wahahaha...

enjoy it..

Actually the black colour tht guy is walking 1..but duno wat happen when i make it as movie mode oh..thn din din walk already..just flat..

and my arm n backbone pain now..need massage ....gao meng ah..sit many many hours here...



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