Saturday, July 19, 2008

Emo - Beh Song ah

Shit damn hamkaleng….damn Emo now..macibai….really damn hate this house now..wat also damn cheap like shit..diu..really wanna kill ppl now..somemore assignment gao gao lagi…chiu..the line damn shit hamkaleng slow…not slow…is duno wat happen..cant online..ngia ngai diao..fucking shit beh song abt this….not 1st time dy..waliu..sien is this house damn hot n damn far from my sch..but this nvm la…coz I early early already beh song..really wanna move dy..after this term wanna move out dy..diu..damn beh song now..

Early early they told me this house not far la..just 2nd bridge only…so near 1 la..n the room bigger thn last quiet good 1..better thn b4 1..chiu…talk shit la…when I move here..damn far, not 1nd bridge..but 3rd de..damn far la..some more can tambang bus tim oh..ngiao….n the room small thn b4..really like hell oh..n the rental is expensive thn b4 tim..cibai…really beh song tht nvm la..still can tahan la..diu…some the line also want play me….ngiao..cant online….sien leh…really fucking emo now..wanna kill ppl…

Actually justnow my mood so good 1…edit a lot of photo…n wanna post it in blog..thn when I wanna upload it ah…apa ini..the line suddenly down..hiu…damn sien….


Actually I’m typing in Microsoft now..later can online dy..thn I just direct post it..coz I really cant tahan dy..wanna express it out..diu..nobody at house now..wanna talk also cant just write it la…and drawing the stupid figure now..the figure damn sien la..MM also want draw figure..kisiao..really want slap tatsun gao gao….


jason said...

go slap him lar..haha.
i support u!

z - rIce said...

okok...u back up me la..if got any problem i said ur name ya..haha

Anonymous said...

wah... jason said? which jason?
now i know what ricky was referring to...
what past was history, let it be.
after the course deep and strong, don't make the same mistake!