Monday, March 2, 2009

web design 2 user testing

these are my web web design 2 client is aeiou studio...start from now will show this to you guys...and please leave some comment..see got some where need to improve and change or not..thanks..


Qin*E said...

i am the first 1:)

i realise that the fonts size of your bodycopy a bit smaller, if you enlarge a bit and change the colour of your bodycopy instead of follow the page colour ,i think ur content will stand up more.
have you try put on some real images?? i think will looks more attractive gua~~~
last,erm, where is your splash pages enter button??


Adele said...

so colourful oh! i think you should change the colour of ur header title.. change it to a darker colour.. cuz now a bit hard to see..

Joyss said...

wah zermi geng lor you can make so many pages!!

i think you have an interesting idea where every page has a different colour! nice structure, bold navigation, however... IS THAT COMIC SANS FOR BODY COPY????????

should change to arial or something :D:D:D:D:D:D

in my opinion everything looks very "raw", and i think more treatment can be made to your graphics. try experimenting (if you have the time) with textures, use colour balance to make the whole layout look like "one".

ming pai ma peng you.

other than that, good luck for your presentation!!

J.C said...

welll...erm...too many color for ur website lea...mayb use only 1 color for backgroud becoz u too colorful and the bg also colorful look like too much d......i cant think of any already..haha...consider ok ba...