Friday, February 15, 2008

My tawau life

Yeah..My Tawau life..long time no back dy..damn happy n syok..hahahaha...but got abit sien also la..always yum cha yum

yeah..this is nasi kuning...tawau just got de tuh....i think u cant see at KL la..haha... lovely brother n sister...long time din see become more funny n crazy dy..aih..luckly i m not the crazy person..hahahahha drank drunk gao xiao...back tawau 9 days clubbing 3times liao..but in kl few years already..just clubbing less thn because i m good boy in kl ma..haha...i want to sleep la..pls...^

haha...Bao Jing so cute..Me also..hahahaha...aih..sad la..motion blur already..haha..^

ohno...drunk lagi....^

no me inside there..haiz...i think i m drunk in that time..haha..^


Yo..bye Tawau sad..want back kl dy..coz duno when can back tawau lagi..haiz....bye brother...see u soon la..haha
haha..thx sleve n ivyn accompany me to airport ya...will miss u guys..

So these are my tawau life la..haiz..just took abit photo only...sien la...haha

TAWAU i will be back



Victor da Lee said...

i got eat wo tiek~! you dont have~!

Sleve said...

hey year one time fetch u go airport is ok laRr~~take care man..see u next year in twu!!haha

kairin said...

yoo~ miss tawau~ never been ur house~haha XD next time got chance bring me visit ur house o ! haha XD u same wit me 2 girl 2 boy!
but u r t biggest ! me m 2nd in sibling!